10 female actions that push a man back before the start of a relationship with you

Relationships are complex. So much so that we often ruin them before they even begin. We are excited about the new man, new expectations. And we want to immediately jump to the finish, where everyone is in love and happy. But by doing so, we all collapse. If this has not happened yet, then continue to behave as usual, avoiding some things. And if at least one of them is done, then all you have to do is sympathize.

Here are 10 things that will destroy not starting a relationship:

10. You are always available to him.

If you are available, this is good. But don't let anyone know about it. You need to make men (and not only those with whom you want to meet) think that you have a life full of important things and things to do. And if you have too much free time, then you need to come up with an occupation. Do the cleaning, schedule a meeting with a friend you have not seen for years, and meet her.

9. You talk too much and call up with him.

There are many rules in society. For example, “do not write immediately after the date”, “do not send SMS on the day after the first date”, “do not write the first three days”, “observe the ratio: send one to 3 received sms”, etc. Last unnerves. Take time and think. Is it really worth writing to him? Is this a confirmation of the plans? Are you sharing a joke? Do you write that you had a good time? Then yes. But do not write it every day. And the more so do not write in the form: "How is it?", "All the rules, how are you?", "Cool!".

8. You follow him and his ex in social networks

We all do this, the main thing - do not get caught. And if you got it, then no longer get out. It will save a good sense of humor, but for many it can immediately end the relationship. Because it speaks of your distrust.

7. Every day you ask about plans for the evening and the desire to go somewhere

6. You think far

Give up the stupid habit of planning trips with a new chosen one at the very first stage of a relationship.

5. You invade his personal

Thoughts about meeting with his friends or with his family are entertaining, but one should not rush things. If you ask, “How is your niece doing?” When he didn’t even mention her, but you know about her because you’ve seen her on Instagram, it will alienate him. The invasion of the personal on the first date, as well as throws into the arms on the second with the mention of the names of pets that had just been invented, could put him in a very awkward position.

4. You talked too early about relationships

Nothing breaks relationships like talking about relationships. It makes sense if you have been together for some time and want to clarify how to relate to what is happening between you. But if you talk about it when only two dates have passed, it will definitely end badly. You ask because you are worried. But instead of asking one, you will get two excited and thinking people: “What are we doing? I just wanted to have fun. ” Do not do this. By the way, why do most women do this? We turn to the number 3.

3. You over-analyze his words.

Text messaging messed up dating. Now we are very attentive to what we write. And when we want to tell friends about how our communication with a man goes, then we simply copy and paste the text to each friend. And they all interpret the text differently. It turns out porridge. You start thinking about all the little things that don't matter at all. When you come somewhere, you start to wind yourself up: “He brought me to a restaurant where there is no waiter, I guess he doesn’t care about me.” But this does not mean anything at all and does not concern you at all!

2. You are too worried about the joint future.

“How long is it? Will I marry him? Will he please parents? Will we go on vacation together? It will be necessary to buy a new suitcase. If I start saving now, I’ll have enough for this trip in just three months. And what are we going to do these three months? ”All these questions do not lead to anything good. And yes, do not plan a trip with someone you know just a couple of days.

1. You fell in love with him a lot and told about it.

Falling in love is normal. But you don’t need to say anything until you are sure that this is true. Wait a bit. Do not rush those beautiful moments at the very beginning, when you are just beginning to get to know each other. Stop, breathe deeply and enjoy the moment.