7 rules of psychology that can change your perception of the world

1. Reflection

Everything that happens and happens in your life: people, events, past and present is a direct reflection of yourself and your life choices. Fate mirrors all your actions, and on this basis it answers you gratefully, rather than vice versa. If you notice that your surroundings consist in the majority of bad people, first of all, look for the reason in yourself. How do you feel about people - so they to you. The same goes for the events that take place: if too much negative falls on everything, perhaps you are too negative about the world. Try to change.

2. Selection

Your life is what you yourself choose, absolutely consciously and pragmatically. Therefore, do not complain about poor work, greedy husband or unfaithful friends. All this is your personal choice, only you and nobody else let these people and events into your life and let them take one of the main places.

3. Errors

We must be able to make mistakes, and do it with a sense of dignity, taking invaluable experience out of mistakes. No one can ever be always right, and you are no exception. Consider mistakes as a sign of fate that helps you get better and move on.

4. Value

Whatever the negative phrase in associations is “To each his own,” here it has the most correct meaning. All that you have, you have received in accordance with what you are. This is the law of life. You change - the ratio of everything in your life changes, and you get a completely different return.

5. Dependency

Our life depends on many factors, whether you like it or not. It is impossible to be free from everything, each of us has things that directly or indirectly affect us, and this must be considered. For example, you can’t give a damn about your relatives, break all laws and live in your own invented world - it’s just impossible. There are always certain factors affecting us.

6. Stay

We live and are in the time that fate has chosen for us, and this should be appreciated. We are here and now, we are in our place and live in the present. The past has already passed, so it makes no sense to stir it up, the future has not yet come, but it is the present that we can create and change. Therefore, be present and live in your time.

7. Vivacity

Being angry with life and constantly cursing it, we thereby dare from ourselves happiness and well-being. The universe takes everything literally, so, once again, cursing everything, know that this is what you are now slandering yourself. Love life - and life will love you.