If you do not stop doing these 5 things, old age will come ahead of time

We understand that fighting habits is very hard. But, if they adversely affect your health, then you have a good reason to start a fight. Fortunately, we know several ways to help you begin a new healthy life. The main thing is to recognize in time what exactly hurts you.

You sit too much

Most of the time we spend in a sitting position. We sit at breakfast, lunch, dinner, at work, in a car, public transport. At the same time, in the sitting position our spine is under tremendous pressure, which causes its deformation.

Alas, the advice to sit less - almost useless during working hours. However, you can take a short walk around the office every 30–60 minutes. So you will not only help your body, but also aerate your head.

You drink a little water

Water helps the body to function properly. Thanks to her, the body regulates temperature, softens joints, protects the spinal cord and other tissues, cleanses the body of toxins. However, despite the obvious benefits of simple drinking water, for some reason it is so difficult to drink it in sufficient quantity.

To make it easier to teach yourself to drink water, buy a beautiful bottle for water, from which you will be pleased to drink. And always keep it filled at hand. The bottle will serve as a constant reminder that you need to drink water.

If simple water does not suit your taste at all, you can add a few drops of lemon or a leaf of mint. Or you can eat more foods high in liquid. These can be grapefruits, oranges, apples, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, broccoli, carrots.

You bite your nails

This bad habit usually develops in childhood, but some people cannot part with it even in adulthood. Gnawing nails is very harmful, as you can damage your teeth and gums, cause infection. In addition, gnawed nails do not look aesthetically pleasing.

To overcome this habit, you will need some effort. For a start, pay attention, when exactly do you bite your nails: during telephone conversations, before an important meeting, at the wheel of a car? Then try to distract yourself in these moments. For example, chew gum or gnaw carrots. During telephone conversations, make sketches. Gradually, you will replace the unconscious action on the conscious.

You overeat

Food we need to maintain vitality. But when you eat, even if you are not hungry, you risk gaining weight and acquiring heart, stomach or diabetes problems.

Experts, nutritionists and psychologists suggest writing down your emotions when you start eating without feeling hungry. You will notice that at such times you are nervous or feel fear, stress, discontent, loneliness or helplessness. And food helps you to get rid of negative emotions. But there is another way to cheer up - a sport or a walk in the fresh air.

You sleep little

Sleep is very important for our physical and moral condition. However, many of us sleep less than we need. However, there are several ways to improve sleep.

To begin with, give up caffeine. Even a morning cup of coffee can negatively affect your sleep. Then enter the rule - no gadgets in bed before bedtime. The fact is that the light emitted by televisions, telephones, tablets does not allow the body to go into the sleep phase, and the body to produce melatonin, which affects the quality of sleep.

And the third tip - give up alcohol. Yes, alcohol helps to fall asleep, but it will be restless sleep, after which you wake up broken.