5 methods of seducing men who have always used courtesans

How to seduce a man so that he doesn’t just want you as a mistress (there’s just nothing tricky about it), but he only thought about you, wanted to make you his own and was ready for anything for you? These were the goals of the courtesans of the court, whose quality of life depended on how men were located towards them. Not surprisingly, the seduction they really managed. What should they learn from them?

Sincere joy from his company

They really enjoyed the company of a man whom they would like to conquer. Do not think about his shortcomings - go through his dignity in your mind, and focus on them. This will create the necessary feeling in a man that you are glad to him that his presence is pleasant to you. And men are very vain in their essence, and this feeling is very important for them.

External interest

No, this does not mean that he needs to hang himself on the neck. This means that you should gently demonstrate to a man your interest. This can be done with a glance, open posture, proximity to the object that interests you.

Attention to his words

Listen carefully to what he tells you. Men really appreciate a companion who really listens to him and remembers everything she says.

Tactile contact

Touch a man as if by chance, straighten him with a tie or shirt collar, smooth a strand of hair. Men are very sensitive to such gestures, and are really ready for much for the sake of the woman, next to whom they feel good.


Remember him, and he will think of you. Unusual gestures, funny jokes and stories that you tell him, some curious moment connected with you - all these things make a man think and think of you, even in those moments when you are not around.