6 types of women we meet in the hairdresser

A woman’s hairdresser’s is not just a hairdresser’s, but rather a highly social place where you can have a pleasant chat and meet different people. Here are 6 of the most remarkable types of women that can be found at the hairdresser.

Miss "I know absolutely everything."

This is a woman who always has a firm opinion on one or another account and she will hasten to say: “You should change your hair color”, “Be careful, this tool can spoil your hair or“ Why don't you try glare? They will look great on your hair shade! ” I just want to answer: “I apologize, but we did not ask for your opinion.” Do you agree?

Ladies aged

These are those ladies who have turned 60 years old, but who still regularly visit the hairdresser, dye their hair, style them and try different hairstyles. It is necessary to give them their due - they take good care of themselves, so they look much younger than their years.

Snob girl

The girl who, having greeted no one, immediately sits down on a chair and continues to go about her business in the telephone. She doesn't care about anyone.


The absolute opposite of the previous type. A girl with a radiant smile that greets everyone who knows and does not know. She is always ready to help, participates in conversations and jokes with everyone.


A woman who does not stop talking from the moment she enters the salon. She can talk about anything and anyone. Again and again.

Beauty queens

Those women who devote the most time to thinking about how they look, what color their hair, their skin and how to combine their nail polish with their outfit. They love to try new products that promise to make them even more beautiful, and leave the salon as prepared as if they are participating in a beauty contest.