7 phrases that a man wants to hear from you, but keeps it secret

For a woman it is quite natural to expect from the relationship something of her own. You want a man to treat you in a certain way. And you will not agree to disappointment, because you know that disappointing love is not the love you deserve.

That is, you have certain expectations from the man, and he must meet them in order to be with you. And he must show that he meets your standards and ideals.

But it is also important to remember his expectations. Of course, you have to try, because men usually do not talk about their needs and what they need. They close and close, so as not to seem vulnerable.

They do not want to ask or demand anything, because they are afraid to appear dependent. But the truth is that they are also fragile and they also need something. They are just too stubborn to admit it. This is where you come into play. You must be one step ahead. Strictly speaking, it is difficult to understand what a man really wants. But for this and this article is intended.

Remember, an essential part of a relationship is the ability to speak correctly. You must carefully select the words you say (and do not say) to your partner. Often a man will want to hear certain phrases from you. Yes, he will not tell you about it.

These are the words that need to be pronounced so that he feels happy with you. If you already from time to time tell a man at least a part of several of the phrases listed below, then this is good. Then you are a great woman.

1. How are you?

It is unlikely that your man for no reason to talk about his. But often it is enough just to slightly push it. You just need to be reminded from time to time that he can share with you his feelings and thoughts about what he is thinking.

2. I'm safe with you

Yes, it is important for you to tell a man that you love him. But it is also important for him to know about his value for you. Remember the power of the paternal instincts. He knows that you are an independent woman, but that does not mean that he does not want to take care of you. If he knows that you are safe with him, he will be pleased with what is happening.

3. I believe in you

It's amazing how fragile is the ego of many men. The slightest failure can completely undermine their trust and confidence. So from time to time tell him that you believe in him no matter what.

4. Let's take a walk around the city this evening.

The phrase may be completely different, but the point is this: men love it when a woman takes the initiative. If you suddenly decide to take everything into your own hands and plan a date from yourself, then he will definitely like it.

5. You're the one I need

As mentioned above, many men have doubts. But they would never want to talk about it. He will not say, but will be afraid of losing you because of another man. Therefore, the surest decision will be to assure him of his commitment to him. Even if he does not ask for it.

6. I am so glad that I have you

Show him your appreciation. This flatters him both as a man and as a man. When you tell a man that you are glad that he is in your life, then you actually tell him about his value in the world in general.

And finally. Obviously, you should tell a man that you love him. In general, it is not necessary to lose once again the opportunity to say the word "love." All strong couples always say so.