10 good reasons to throw a man

Sometimes a relationship with a man can take on a painful character, an unhealthy addiction and cause more pain than happiness and joy. Sometimes you should not wait, and it is better to immediately put an end to your union, especially if such a reason has long been overdue.

1. He raises his hand to you

Immediately run away from such a person. If a man hit once, he will do it again and again - this is a long-tried and confirmed worldly wisdom.

2. He is cheating on you

If only you are not a supporter of free love and are very calm about treason, then this item is not for you. But in general, hand on heart, after the betrayal of a partner, no married couple could build their former happiness and maintain confidence.

3. He humiliates you

In any quarrel or conflict, the man also strives to make you as painful as possible by pressing on the most sensitive points. Thus he asserts himself at your expense and rises in his own eyes.

4. He blames you for his failures.

It is simply unforgivable if a man blames you for all the negative aspects of his life. You become for him like an eyesore, which prevents you from achieving a happy and successful destiny.

5. He uses you for personal gain.

For a man, you are just a comfortable person, with whose help it is very profitable to get what you want. Moreover, the goals can be completely different - from mercantile and ending to intimate.

6. He has addictions

A happy life with an alcoholic, a drug addict or a gamer will never be. In this case, you simply become a code-dependent partner who considers his main goal to be responsibility for the life and well-being of another person.

7. He constantly reminds you of your past.

Moreover, this is a mention of those moments that are unpleasant to you. This is usually done in moments of quarrels and showdowns in order to “nail” you and humiliate you as much as possible.

8. He forbids you anything

There may be a lot of options - to work, study, meet with friends, and practice your hobbies. All this is more like tyranny, despot, and total repression than love.

9. He does not respect your relatives

If your man allows himself to speak impartially about your parents, relatives or friends, then he simply does not put you in anything and thinks only about himself.

10. He insults you in public.

If a man offends and says unpleasant things - it is insulting. But if he does it in public - it is a shame and doubly humiliating. Never allow yourself such an attitude and immediately put your chosen one in place. Better yet, think well about finding yourself a real man.