3 design manicure, which can be seen only in his mistress

A woman who is ready to decide on a romance with a married man often has a rather pushy and punchy character. There are, of course, exceptions, but more often it looks that way - a spectacular hunter for men.

These features are expressed in her appearance, clothing and manicure. How to make their nails such ladies?

Long and sharp red nails.

Shutterstock These nails look like claws. And, as befits a real predator, it draws its claws appropriately. Paints them with red lacquer, grows (or grows) and sharply sharpens. as for men, they are, on the one hand, attracted by predators. However, if you want something more serious from him than just sex, it is better to choose a manicure quieter.

Rhinestones on the nails

Shutterstock She wants to attract attention. And the easiest way to do this is to add shine to the nails. A lot of rhinestones, shiny lacquer and other attributes of glamorous beauty - all this is necessarily present in the manicure of such a lady. But can you call it stylish?

Long square nails

Shutterstock Another controversial aggressive manicure, which for some reason is very popular with women, adoring is in the center of attention and dreaming of marrying a successful and wealthy man. Such a manicure looks somewhat provocative, although it is difficult to argue with the fact that such ladies immediately catch the eye and become the center of attention.