8 of your principles, which in no case can not be abandoned for the sake of a man

The concept of personal space is familiar to all. So, there are things that should always be out of reach from your man. And may he be the best, kind, loyal and understanding, never give up on what is really dear to you.

1. Work

Only you have the right to decide what work you need, how much time to give it and what internal resources to spend on it. The partner phrase “I or work” is a direct manipulation of your freedom of choice and the possibilities to build your own life.

2. Appearance

Appearance is, in general, a purely personal matter of each person. If you like to wear short green hair and methodically tattoo your body - you have every right to do this without listening to anyone. Even the one with whom you agree to spend your whole life.

3. Friends

Friends take the place of importance, almost equal with relatives, and sometimes more important. Those people whom you have chosen and left as your friends, with whom you have passed many life moments, and who are tested in fire and water, are of tremendous importance for you, so you should hold on to them.

4. Religion

There is even worth referring to the Constitution of our country: everyone has the right to freedom of choice of religion. If your man dares to reproach you with this, just remind him that you are free in your decisions and are fully responsible for them.

5. Interests

Even if your partner thinks that riding a motorcycle, collecting butterflies or cross-stitching is a hobby that only steals a lot of your time, never go with him. Hobbies - this is your inner world, your outlet, a way of self-expression.

6. Relatives

It is simply holy. If he is not impressed by your mother, he simply has no right to force you to refuse to communicate with her. There should always be a border that cannot be crossed.

7. Attitude to the birth of children

As a rule, the decision to have a child in a pair is taken by both partners, and this happens consciously and seriously. If for some reason you do not want to have children - this is your complete right. Not every man is able to understand such a choice, and if you feel that a blank wall cannot be broken through, the best solution is to part.

8. Dreams

Dream and never stop! And let your dreams are ridiculous, transcendental and impossible, dream anyway! And don't let anyone blow down your castles in the air, because while you are dreaming you can go forward.