If a woman grew up in a very poor family, she does these 7 things.

Women who have always had an unstable financial situation can be recognized not only by the desire to marry a tycoon without fail. Even minor household habits can betray you if your childhood was not the richest.

From the hotel you take with you all the soaps and disposable slippers

Yes, you, of course, paid them and have the right to use them. And yet it can be called pettiness.

You take away napkins and toothpicks from the restaurant

The same principle applies here as in the previous paragraph. The fact that they are on the tables does not mean that it is necessary to rake them together in your handbag. It looks, by the way, very strange and repulsive.

You do not leave for tea waiters

Of course, you do not have to do this. And yet it also may indicate that your childhood and youth were not too rich.

You always take change, even if you owe 2 rubles.

Kopek, of course, the ruble saves. But if someone does not have a change, and you force a person to run in search of exchange in order to receive this very penny, this is already alarming.

You are trying to order a smaller one in a restaurant and against having the account shared at all

According to etiquette, when a company meets in a restaurant, the bill is divided equally among all. However, sometimes there are those who claim that they have eaten everything and absolutely do not want to pay for everyone.

You will never meet a man who is undersupplied.

You just can not answer the question why you need it then. We advise all the same to perceive the man as a loved one, and not as a sponsor.

You really do not want anyone to think that you do not have enough money

You wear large logos to demonstrate that you can afford to buy branded clothing or shoes. Opinion from the outside for you is more important than personal comfort and needs.