One piece on jeans that makes your buttocks perfect

Sometimes, it is very difficult to find the perfect jeans, but even harder to find those that not only fit you perfectly, but also emphasize your buttocks.

And now the secret - there is one detail in jeans, which is responsible for whether your form will look appetizing or not.

It turns out that the whole thing is in the detail between the waist of the jeans and its back pockets, bounded by seams. It is called yoke or “back yoke” and is intended for jeans to have a comfortable fit without additional grooves on the back.
@ smithandmaraSo exactly the outlines of this detail, at times, determine how your ass in jeans will look like.

So, yoke comes in different shapes: semicircular, arch, and others. But the most advantageous for the buttocks - a V-shaped yoke. It visually makes the buttocks more voluminous and slim.
@ vintage_denimSo if you studied your jeans and didn’t have the right part for them, then during the next shopping, do not forget to buy jeans with a V-seam at the back.