7 places in which women most often catch their husbands with mistresses

It would be naive to think that men are dating women who can change their chosen ones only on the Internet. According to statistics, up to 70 percent of men change once or quite regularly in other places.

Here are 7 of the most popular places where husbands can not resist the fateful affair, and where their darlings found betrayal.

1. Bar or night club

Whether because of alcohol, or because of dark lighting, but bars and nightclubs are the most common place for flirting, which will end with an intimate bond.

2. At work

Office intrigues are also common. About 40% of unfaithful husbands find mistresses at work. Most likely, this is due to intimacy, with sufficient time and tension, forcing men to think about what can be changed at work. Regardless of the reasons, corporate parties, business trips and late nights in the office - all this is an extra opportunity for men prone to adultery.

3. Bachelor party

Did you know that up to a third of future suitors change at a bachelor party, as if “saying goodbye” to freedom? And the matter is not at all limited by the fact that it simply concerns an invited dancer.

4. Wedding

It may be surprising, but true. Up to a third of married men who went to the wedding alone, cheated on their women, who for one reason or another could not attend the celebration. Perhaps they simply feel relaxed or the general cheerful mood pushes them to such “feats”. Just know for the future, all weddings are better to attend together.

5. Gym

Fitness can also be safely attributed to the place where male adultery occurs more often. Still would! Next to the men on the treadmills are such beauties who are wearing tight tops and leggings. A man discovers that the gym is a great place not only for intense workouts, but also for regular “trips to the left” when no one is looking.

6. Social networks

In social networks and online people can be anyone. Now it’s too easy to write a letter, send a message or exchange erotic photos with the one you like. Many dating sites are gone, but Facebook is on Instagram, where you can have an affair. And any innocent virtual flirt can turn into a full-fledged relationship.

7. Through close friends

If your chosen one has a friend who changes his darling, this may also affect your man’s attitude towards adultery. He may think that it is normal that there is nothing wrong with treason. He may even have an affair with a friend of his friend or someone from his neighbors. This is due to the fact that in public acquaintance will not cause suspicion of treason.

8. Wherever he is having fun.

It can be a concert, a park, a meeting of fellow students and even a vacation with you. The fact is that when a man is having fun, he easily loses caution. There is a release of various feelings, forcing to lose restraint and to behave relaxedly. Unfortunately, adultery also included in this number.