A life

9 of the most profound misconceptions of youth that crashed

Growing up is always hard. Think of yourself as 18-year-olds: how many hopes we had, vain fears, how many stupid things and mistakes were committed. Having become a mature and mature personality you begin to perceive yourself and the world around you from a completely new position. There are some things that miserably break about the pink dreams of youth when we grow up.

1. All the most important is yet to come.

No, in fact, all the most important things are happening to you right here and now, at the moment. Only in your youth can you carelessly burn your life, thinking that this is just a rehearsal, and the main roles will be able to wait.

2. You become an adult after a particular age.

Or after a certain life event. For example, I’ll get married, have a child and certainly become an adult. In reality, for adulthood there is no specific age and milestone. A person can be an adult at 20 years of age, or at 50 can remain an infantile child.

3. I can change the world

Of course, this is such a maximalist position of youth: I can do everything, and I can conquer the whole world. Only by entering into adulthood do we understand that it is impossible to change everything and everyone around us, because everyone has his own moral principles and principles. But everyone is perfectly realistic to do good and do good deeds for the universal contribution to changing the world.

4. Friends will always be close

Alas, it is not. Of course, there are cases when friendship continues throughout life, but it also happens that we disagree with those who were previously considered the closest and piously believed in their loyalty and devotion.

5. Love for a man is for life

Yes, this is exactly how it seems to us when we kiss with our first boyfriend, and our heart stops sweetly in anticipation of a happy future. Unfortunately (or fortunately) first love usually ends tragically, but we take a lot of lessons from it for the future.

6. You will always want to hang out and have fun

We want to assure you that one day the moment will come when, instead of dancing in a nightclub all the night away and partying with friends, you will want a quiet and peaceful home comfort, an old film embracing with a warm blanket in front of the TV and a peaceful morning. Priorities change, and with age, we increasingly begin to appreciate the simple joy of life.

7. Someday all problems will be solved.

This will never come. Some cares will be replaced by others, then others, something will be decided, and something, on the contrary, will become even more complicated. And this is normal, it is the cycle of life, the current that moves you forward.

8. Injustice will be defeated.

You can endlessly argue, defend your point of view, look for the guilty and gather demonstrations and rallies - no one will ever be able to completely eradicate injustice. It's like trying to look for a blue bird: everyone has heard about it, but no one knows where it is.

9. The more work - the more you get

It would be great if this were true. In fact, you can’t take it all with one effort and perseverance. Yes, it is certainly an important component of success, but there are also such concepts as luck, communication, the right moment. Therefore, do not despair if your work was not rewarded according to merit, perhaps, fortune just has not turned its happy wheel to you.