10 tricks to help you get up easily early in the morning


We understand that a busy schedule and housework leave no other choice, like drinking coffee and staying up all night and then getting enough sleep all day on the weekend. However, if you want to normalize your schedule and fall asleep on time to get up early in the morning and feel good, then we have great news for you - it is quite possible. You just need to do these 10 things.

Set only one time on the alarm clock.

We know how great the temptation is to set the alarm at several intervals, all the time delaying the moment of awakening. But doctors say that it irritates your body and your awakening becomes not very healthy. Therefore, train yourself to put only one time on the alarm clock and get up at the first signal. And ideally, you need to get used to get up completely without an alarm clock.

Set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you plan to get up

The fastest way to spoil the morning, and perhaps the rest of the day, is to get dressed and leave the house in a hurry, without even having breakfast. A measured morning is one of the rare, but attainable, luxuries.

An additional 15 minutes of sleep will not give you anything significant, but an additional 15 minutes in the morning will make you feel much better and have more time.

Try to stay less in the phone

If these are not important matters, but idleness in social networks, then it is better to abandon it. So you will do more things in a day, and you may even feel better.

Eat your breakfast sitting

Another reason to wake up earlier is to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, which is so important and beneficial to the body, rather than shoving food in your mouth on the way to work.

Prepare more clothes in the evening

In order not to waste time on it in the morning and do everything without haste and neatly. You know: in the morning it always seems that there is nothing to wear, and there is not enough time for anything.

Get up early to have time to do the exercises.

In the second place in the ranking of important morning affairs after breakfast is an easy warm-up. You have no idea how it invigorates and how it energizes for the whole day. And yes, it is very healthy.

Do not start doing business in pajamas

First get up, warm up, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and then jump into your work day with your head. You will see - you will feel more invigorated and more complete.

Develop a morning beauty ritual

Many women claim that they are happy to get up early in order to have time to slowly wash their favorite products, apply fragrant cream to face and body and make light makeup. If you do not have such a beauty ritual, then be sure to try to develop it.

By the way, the evening beauty ritual works in the same way: it perfectly prepares you for sleep.

Do not deny yourself a shower in the morning and in the bathroom in the evening

This, in the first case, is awesome, and in the second it is soothing, as if you had been on a spa procedure.

Go to bed on time

Perhaps for you it is an impossible task, but try to do it. Teach yourself to go to bed no later than 23.00. And yes, do not take a laptop with you to bed, as well as thoughts on work. For this there is the whole next day.