4 obvious flaws in your wardrobe that spoil the whole impression of you

In order to be a truly stylish woman, you need to carefully think through your wardrobe. And for this there is no need to spend huge sums of money, it is enough to have everything you need in the fashionable arsenal. But if you missed something, it can significantly spoil the impression about you, as a woman who knows a lot about fashion.

What mistakes should not be made?

Your wardrobe is more like a black and white movie.

The classic is good, but it will not be superfluous and dilute the style with bright colors, especially since absolutely different shades from deep to flashy and screaming are in fashion today. You will surely be able to find something suitable for yourself and now you will definitely not remain unnoticed.

You regret the money for accessories

Of course they are not urgently needed, as in shoes or coats. But it is worth remembering that only with the help of accessories a woman is able to demonstrate her unique style. For example, a bright scarf or an interesting bracelet will add a zest to the same black and white image, it will sparkle with new colors and become more feminine.

You have one handbag for all occasions

No one asks you to buy a handbag for each new look, but wearing the same accessory is always a move. Pick yourself one everyday model that will be as versatile and convenient as possible, and a more festive one that you can take with you to an evening event or dilute the everyday look if you have such a desire.

You ignore shoes with heels

Not everyone can afford to wear 15 centimeter heels and walk in them as in home slippers, but agree that the heel is a genuinely feminine attribute and by refusing it you are depriving yourself of the mass of poles that he can give you. Graceful gait, visual transformation of the figure, seductive image and much more.