Ugly women who attract men: 5 secrets of real witches

Unfortunately, not all women nature endowed impeccable appearance. There are women who can not boast of either a great figure or a perfect face, or lush head of hair or a Hollywood smile. But among them there are those that attract men like a magnet. Men themselves admit that sometimes they can not explain what attracted their seemingly unremarkable woman. Usually limited to the phrase: "Something is in it!"


When an ugly woman achieves incredible success in any field due to her talent, the men seem to close their eyes to the shortcomings of her appearance. No one would call Frida Kahlo or Edith Piaf beauties, but nevertheless both one and the other were successful with men.

It's all about an interesting psychological effect. When a woman does something better than others, then this success is subconsciously transferred by men to her other qualities. Therefore, talented but ugly women often attract men. By the way, the same rule works with ugly men.

Sense of humor

There are women who, despite dim or even plainly ugly appearance, become popular comedians or stand-up actresses and literally get an army of fans. Everything here lies in the combination of talent and a wonderful sense of humor. They are not afraid of their appearance, they accept it, they are ready to make fun of it. And this becomes their forte. Barbra Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg, Inna Churikova, Alisa Grebenshchikova - this is not a complete list of actresses who not only achieved success, having a non-standard appearance, but also became idols for many women.

In ordinary life, the ability of a woman to laugh at herself or just have fun, as well as a positive optimistic attitude, attract men very much.

Understanding and support

Perhaps the best value of these qualities is illustrated by the companions of rich and powerful men: Mark Zuckerberg, Hugh Jackman, Josh Halloway and many others. Almost all of these women were with their men before they became rich and famous. At the same time, they understood and supported them.

Charm and naturalness

There is nothing more hypnotizing for men than feminine charm. Elusive feminine energy that charges the atmosphere around. Perhaps this is closest to what men mean, saying "there is something in it."

Beautiful women are often selfish and narcissistic, they are fixated on themselves and their beauty, therefore, the cooling of a man towards such a woman happens quickly. An ugly woman is not so obsessed with herself and her appearance. She behaves more freely and naturally, is not afraid to enjoy life and have a real blast.


If an ugly woman is unshakably confident in herself and her attractiveness, then she will eventually be able to infect others with her confidence. First, confidence always attracts. Not confident enough or strong men can find emotional support in such a woman. And secondly, a confident woman, by and large, does not care about what others think about her, and therefore the question of anxiety for her non-ideal appearance disappears by itself.

So, here are the five simple secrets that help ugly, it would seem, women to have success with men. Nevertheless, one should never forget that beauty is a subjective concept. What one seems beautiful, the other can repel.

Be that as it may, beauty is only the outer shell, much more important is what is inside, because people always fall in love with a person, with his personality, and not with a beautiful wrapper.