The strangest things in every sign of the zodiac


In each there is that strange thing that all friends and family know about.

And I’m not necessarily talking about dipping french fries in ice cream or that it’s strange to wear socks before bedtime.

I mean, if someone, besides the people who know you best, saw that you were a strange person, they would probably fade away while they still had a chance.

Oddities should not be ashamed. This means that you are not like everyone else, and it also means that you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, even if you are confused in the process.

The presence of strange astrological signs in our life just makes it all the more interesting. This is the type of people who always have an amazing story, and they always want you to be part of their next adventure, especially if it is related to hunting a snowman or buying fast food at 2 am.

Since I know how curious you are, keep reading to find out what is strangest in every sign of the zodiac.

1. Aries

Aries - a complete slob. For some reason, he always has clothes on the floor in the bedroom (but he can still find clothes that can be put on in 5 minutes).

Being the dirtiest person in the world, in fact, does not look like an Aries problem, especially because he is the only one who always lives with this habit.

On top of all this, you will never see Aries restoring order. But, in any case, the only people who are allowed to be in the Aries room, do not mind.

2. Taurus

Taurus has a crazy obsession with food. And when I say “obsession,” I mean a very serious obsession.

Taurus literally can not leave the house without buying snacks, whether on the way to a party, to the cinema, during road trips ...

In those rare cases when he shares his food with you, he always has something to choose from, but don’t think that after that he will be in a good mood.

Whatever the hungry beast hides inside the Taurus 24/7, he insisted that Taurus keep the most delicious snacks. In addition, everyone knows that Taurus does not like to share food.

3. Twins

The twins do not understand the numbers. I know it sounds strange, but for some reason, math and numbers are not theirs at all.

They always give a tip (do not understand how much you need to give), can not remember the phone numbers and addresses.

They miraculously completed a math course, but no one knows how, and everyone is too afraid to ask about it ... This is probably dark magic.

4. Cancer

Cancer is a hopeless romantic, about which people read only in bad stories. You will find that he creates imaginary relationships with famous people.

Cancer writes his name and the name of another person in his heart in all his notebooks.

When Cancer was in high school, the walls of his bedroom were plastered with clippings from magazines of his favorite celebrities, to whom he wished good night.

5. Leo

The lion is the friend you want to be with at 3 in the morning. But the problem is that you have nothing to eat, because Leo spent all the money. If you have ever heard that someone spends 2,000 rubles in McDonald’s, this is most likely Leo.

He also seems to never have any cash (maybe this is a way to not afford to spend all the money on food?)

He may not always eat, but you do not have to complain about your hunger when you are with him.

6. Virgin

Virgo is an innocent girl who has a secret room for sex toys.

You can even catch her reading the Kamasutra, but she only shows you this side of yourself if you are her best friend.

Virgo is a type of friends who always give you amazing (and effective) tips on how to give pleasure to your man, and also share with you dirty things that are actually fun.

So everything related to the Virgin may surprise you.

7. Scales

Libra does not pay any attention to how beautiful they are, no matter how many times friends tell them about it. Scales always try to look good when they are preparing to leave, and even if they don’t try, they still look amazing.

Libra never believes that they are beautiful, even when people praise them (especially strangers), and it’s not because they try to be modest, they don’t really see it.

Libra has that unexpected beauty that is breathtaking. In other words, this is a complete bomb.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio would rather cover himself with kittens than do anything else in the world.

He is one of those people who cross the street (and risk falling under the car) to pet the dog, they will definitely tell you when they see a cute animal.

Scorpio already has names chosen for all his future pets (if you ask him, he won't tell you), and sometimes he will come to your house just to play with your dogs or cats.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius always tries to look calmer than he really is, and, surprisingly, he is good at it. He wants people to think that he has everything under control, even if it kills him.

Despite the fact that sometimes he can go crazy with stress, the Sagittarius is the type of person who always has the best fellow travelers in stress, when Sagittarius (or his friends) need it, they have stress balls, books coloring and a whole playlist for difficult days.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn has the worst memory. He can't remember anything, even if you paid him.

No matter how hard he tries, he can barely remember what he ate for breakfast, let alone what he did last week.

Capricorn especially does not remember names and dates, so do not think that you will be congratulated on your birthday. He is the type of person who can get lost in his own area, so the GPS function on his phone is his best friend.

Do not get Capricorn wrong, he really tries, but just can not remember.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius is the type of people who 100% believe in conspiracy theories and aliens and are always ready to show you their valuable blurred photos of UFOs and Bigfoot.

He will constantly tell you that the government is hiding something from us, and will spend hours visiting the private sites of conspiracies, proving the correctness of his theories.

You can often meet Aquarius, who tells stories about his suspicions and theories and shares them with strangers.

Anyone who does not know him suggests that he is just a balabol, but believe me when I say that he is absolutely serious.

12. Fish

Fish is a completely different person alone with himself. They like to have a good time with themselves, which usually includes listening to their favorite music, drinking and posting awkward things on Instagram.

Drunkenness makes Pisces a freer person in public (but he never gets drunk). Fish, to be honest, just love to have fun and always take advantage of this opportunity.

Even if it is Chinese takeaway and a bottle of wine.