8 ways to transform your face without going to a plastic surgeon

Color eyebrows in a suitable shade

Eyebrow tinting is an easy way to transform your face without making any major changes. The secret of the perfect shade of eyebrows is that they are one tone darker than your hair - then the eyebrows will look natural.

Give your lips a volume

Instead of making painful injections, add a seductive volume to your lips with makeup. Visually make lips more plump will help special lip gloss and lip balms - the so-called plumpers. They contain special ingredients that increase the flow of blood to the lips, due to which the lips become a little more plump.

Make your smile more radiant

Teeth whitening is a quick and affordable way to look younger and more healthy. Choose products that are suitable for sensitive teeth and do not damage tooth enamel. Basically, such products are hydrogen peroxide gel, which helps make teeth a couple tones whiter after a couple weeks of use.

Refresh your eyes

When your eyelashes are long and twisted, your look becomes more expressive and wide open. This means that the two most important tools in eye makeup are eyelash forceps and lengthening mascara.

Build hair

We all occasionally dream of long sexy hair. And the easiest way to instantly change the image and increase hair - these are false strands. They are very easy to use - just select the appropriate shade and carefully fasten the strands on the hair.

Make thin eyebrows thicker

To make eyebrows more fluffy and thick, go over them with a brush with a gel-fixer. There are both transparent gels, and pigmented, and even with fibers that mimic the villi. You can also paint over the eyebrows with a pencil to fill in all spaces.

Improve your skin

Instead of hiding acne and wrinkles under a ton of tonal resources - by the way, you only emphasize imperfections and look much older and unnatural - use makeup cosmetics to improve skin condition. And instead of the tonal framework - caring BB cream.

Use the means for tanning

To transform your skin and give it a radiant shade of tan - do not have to lie under the sun. Much safer to use the means for tanning. By the way, with the help of them you can contour the body - make it visually more slender, especially in the area of ​​the legs and thighs, and even hide cellulite.

To achieve the best result, before applying self-tanning on the body, you should carefully peel off the skin, paying particular attention to your knees, elbows, feet and hands. This will ensure that you apply the product evenly. Also, before applying, make sure that your skin is completely dry, otherwise tanning will work unevenly.