How to budget and quickly make an apartment comfortable: 4 ways

If the interior designer you can not afford, do not despair. You have the opportunity to create a unique and stylish apartment with your own hands. To do this, you will need a minimum financial investment - it is much more important to show imagination and not be afraid of experiments.

Buy ordinary furniture in unusual colors.

Baroque furniture with curved legs and carvings like not everyone. When making a purchase decision, focus on something simple. But based on simplicity, we can merge in monotony with our friends and relatives. And an unusual shade will add originality to the interior.

Unusual lamps

Any detail in the interior should be interesting. Someone prefers mirrors of unusual shapes, some unusual watches, but a non-standard lamp is also a good choice. For example, you can replace the standard "bell" of the lamp on the designer cell or bunches of grapes. In addition, you can also use a dark frosted glass - the play of light can significantly change the perception.

Use black when finishing

For a long time, the use of dark color was considered unacceptable. But for small rooms, alternation of light and dark colors is necessary. If the light shades make the decor of the room brighter, the dark ones add depth. And do not forget about the effect of contrast.

Focus on an interesting object

It has long been accepted to make TV the center of the living room, but is it worth doing in the current realities when it gradually fades into the background? In a modern interior, the object of attention can be made, for example, a large picture or a gallery of photographs placed on the wall.