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40+: Middle-aged date, or what a mature woman might be interested in a man

My friend Lida is 42 years old. Lidochka divorced her first husband in prehistoric times, she did not have time to get children, and then screamed at every corner for a long time that she was now an ardent feminist and could do whatever she wanted. But gradually, the desire for freedom and independence faded away, and Lida became increasingly sad, quietly sighing and envying married friends.

Gathering her courage, Lida decided to act and went into active defense - she called an impressive colleague from her work place, who joined their team not so long ago and liked her. The colleague was surprised, but agreed. Lida exulted, made a new hairstyle, bought a seductive dress and trained in applying evening makeup.

At X hour, she was fully armed, her colleague Timur, too, I must say, did not disappoint. After drinking a glass of wine and making an order, waiting for the brain to become slightly clouded and the tongue loosen up, the couple set about small talk - about the weather, nature, work, and plans for the summer. Gradually, the topic of conversation shifted to privacy, and to the question of how old she was, Lida, without a twinge of conscience, said that 42. “It cannot be! I thought about 30! ”, - the gentleman exclaimed, and Lidochka flushed with a girlish flush.

Then the conversation went into a more intimate channel, and it turned out that Timur was 47, he was married for the third time, and has a child from each marriage. Hearing this, Lida was taken aback and silently opened her mouth. She then thought that Timur is free, pure and virgin, but it turns out that behind him was such a long trailer of wives and children.

“Why then did you agree to go on a date with me?” Lida mumbled. “Why, why, baby. You see, the wife has become boring, I get tired of the child, life completely kills all the romance. I want diversity, and a beautiful, not burdened woman for periodic meetings. Yes, you do not worry, no one will know. I will be fine, and you are not bad. At 42, you are alone, you can say, a great and almost last chance to get a charge of emotions and fireworks of impressions. So, do you agree? ”

Well, is it worth saying that Lida did not go on dates with Timur anymore, she blocked his number, and tried to avoid it at work. It is a pity that nobody has explained poor Lidochka before that a 40+ woman is always perceived as a written off item - borrow and forget. So, girls, either be ardent feminists, like Lida used to be, or remember that a mature age is always a big baggage of experience and an imprint of time, from which one cannot escape. Well, or, do not go on dates at all.