Knows less - sleeps better: 5 things that a woman should keep quiet about

There must be a mystery in a woman, and a man must solve it. But it is better that something still remains your secret. For example, these 5 things:

You can change a car’s wheel too

And you know how to screw a light bulb and you can even assemble a wardrobe from Ikea yourself. Men have not yet accepted the fact that modern ladies may well claim to be superheroines. Leave the title of hero for him, let him rejoice.

Your salary is higher than his

Someday he will find out. But during this time, they will love you so that they cannot live without you, and all that remains for him is to be proud of what a wonderful woman he has. In the meantime, let him take care of you. On the rights of the stronger sex, of course.

You had not one lover before him

The fewer men you call, the better it will be for his fragile nervous system. But do not overdo it - he will hardly believe that such a showy and bright woman like you was still a virgin in her 32.

After they cooked dinner, you almost got poisoned.

Otherwise, he will be upset and will no longer cook. He still pursued a good purpose - to please you. Did not work out? It happens to everyone. If you do this more often, then learn and become a real personal chef. The main thing is not to discourage enthusiasm.

You did not get an orgasm during the last sex

Do not tell him about it, it is better to subtly hint at what is better to do with you so that you feel good. The more sex macho he feels, the better it will be for you. Although there are exceptions.