5 fashion lifehacks that every woman should know

Sooner or later, each of us is faced with the main problems of fashionable women, for example, how to wash a spot on your favorite suede shoes or what to do with an expensive dress, if it smells bad.

Here is our guide to simple solutions that will make your life much easier.

Use curling hair to smooth the collar

Curling iron can help you not only straighten your hair, but also smooth out hard-to-reach places on your clothes.

Spray the hairspray on nylon tights so that they do not tear

Hairspray will help you make your nylon pantyhose more durable.

Freeze your sweater in the freezer so that it stops shedding.

If your sweater sheds, place it for 3 hours or more in the freezer, having previously wrapped it in a plastic bag.

Determine if your bra size fits your fingers

If you cannot place two fingers under the bra, then it is most likely too small for you.

Use hangers to see which clothes you don’t wear at all.

To determine which clothes you no longer wear, turn all hangers with clothes in the wardrobe in one direction. When you get something from the wardrobe to put on, return this thing on a hanger facing the opposite direction. After a year, get rid of clothes that are still hanging in the original direction.