3 important love lessons that I realized too late

When we are in love, sometimes we behave as if we have no brain, logical thinking and an adequate perception of reality. We stubbornly do not want to remove rose-colored glasses, even if we are deceived, thrown and hurt. Love is the brightest feeling on the planet that saves this world, makes it better, and, in general, everything is created in the name of love in this life. But there are several things that are better understood as early as possible, so as not to suffer and not hurt themselves.

1. Impossible to make love

This lesson is dedicated to those women who are trying in every way to fall in love with a man. They completely change and reshape themselves, adapt to his preferences, mold from themselves the one who really are not and aspire to some inconceivable ideals. And then they suffer and look for flaws and shortcomings in themselves, because they have never loved them. Understand, finally, you are not to blame! And the person who could not love you is to blame, could not see in you all the best that you gave him. As they say - you will not be forced by force. You can’t make you love you by any means and methods, and even fortune-tellers and plots will not help. The maximum that you can do is please him. And then everything is in his hands.

2. Everyone loves the way he can

All people are different, so the level of expression of emotions and feelings is also different for everyone. If you keep repeating every minute about how you love him, rush into your arms, barely seeing, and love to arrange cute surprises, do not demand the same from him. Most likely, his temperament is completely different than yours, so he shows his love not in the tenth SMS per day about how he adores you, but in his actions and deeds.

3. Learn to love yourself.

Self-love is generally one of the most important components of harmony with the outside world. If you simply do not respect yourself and push all your desires into the background, you can never love anyone else. Love is the giving of all the good and good that you have. And if there is nothing in relation to yourself, what will you share? ...