5 budget ways to change the apartment beyond recognition

Half of all the attributes that interior designers actively use in their blogs (yes, in the most beautiful photographs where apartments resemble the homes of celebrities) do not belong to insanely expensive collection decorative items. This means that you can take advantage of these techniques.

A table of old boards

Now coffee tables from old boards are at the peak of popularity. They can be painted or unpainted, and you can make them with your own hands. This technique is especially interesting if you put indoor plants on them.

Framed photo

It is worth noting - you need to make a quality photo and print it in large format. For this, it makes sense to sign up for professional photography, and at the same time get pleasant emotions. And then buy a large wooden frame and get a stylish decorative element.

Musical instruments on the wall

Music is always in your soul, and you want to emphasize it? Or maybe you always dreamed of becoming a rock musician? Why not use musical instruments as a decoration for your apartment? The guitar fits best. Of course, it is not necessary to buy a working tool for this - you can find a guitar at a small price from the hands.

Thin shelves on the walls

This reception looks very modern and stylish. Hang two or three shelves on an empty wall, and place pictures or photos on them. Another option - indoor plants in small pots.

Wooden furniture in bright colors.

If you have an old wooden chair lying around on the mezzanine, it can also be turned into a stylish attribute. Sand it and paint it in a bright color - turquoise, red, yellow. It perfectly diversifies your familiar interior.