7 things a real man will never do to a woman he loves

He will never put her in the background

She is his all, his number one. He shares his life with her - and this is his priority. He wants to be close to his beloved, wants to support her and feel mutual love.

He will never call her name or humiliate her.

Scolding or humiliating the woman he loves is not in the rules of a real man. He respects her and appreciates, and solves problems with sincere dialogue.

He will never say that the woman he loves pushed his betrayal

A real man will never blame a woman for his actions. And also be able to courageously admit their mistakes. This is certainly not easy, but it is honest, and only in this way he will be able to earn the forgiveness of his beloved, and not otherwise.

He will never publicly humiliate her or intentionally hurt her.

He will never leave her alone at a party or in a bar to go to friends. He will do anything he wants to hurt her.

He will never talk about her badly behind her back

We all have disadvantages, but a real man will never talk about a woman he loves in a derogatory manner. He will tell his friends and relatives only how she makes him happy and how proud he is of being with her.

He will never hide the truth from her

Regardless of the circumstances, a real man is always honest with his beloved.

He will not exclude her from his life.

He will want to share his life with her and open his heart to her. He will be her best friend, support and best lover.