Men named the 17 most common mistakes they catch on their women.


In a long relationship, men and women show their dignity, and their not the most attractive side. Partners are willing to put up with certain shortcomings, especially if it is mutual. But there are habits that from time to time cause more and more irritation, and then lead to rupture.

Men consider the next 17 women's habits unbearable, and their opinions are worth listening to.

1. You can not live without your chosen one

It’s so great to have different friends and different hobbies, so don’t forget who and what made you happy even before you started a relationship.

2. You threaten him with insignificant ultimatums.

If you put him in front of a choice like “either I or your video games!”, You will definitely be disappointed with his choice.

3. You tell your friends only about the bad deeds of your man

You are used to telling your friends only about the disgusting things that your partner does, and then ask for advice and are amazed when they tell you in reply, what kind of "he is a goat, leave him urgently." And then you are furious because people "misinterpret" the situation.

If you want really good advice, you should include in your partner’s description not only the bad things, but also the good things he does. If people only know that he constantly shirks and does not help with the washing, not knowing that he works 12 hours a day, while you are busy working for only 5 hours, then their advice will be based on the impression that he is a lazy cretin who makes you carry everything on yourself.

4. You pretend to be a fool

The presence of intellectual abilities of the girl is only welcome: stop behaving foolishly, trying to be nice.

5. You expect your relationship to change it for the better.

Many girls think like this: “This is how as soon as we start living together, it will become my silk! In a moment, he will forget about his friends and the night away in front of the computer! ”But the truth is that these men's habits will not disappear anywhere if he does not wish. Yes, he can see his friends less often, spend less time in front of the computer, but he will do it all the same.

6. You all turn everything into a game of “guess from three times what I am hinting about”

7. You become a nanny for your man

Do you notice that you have to help him with washing, cooking, cleaning, etc., without mutual help from his side? Especially if you live together and you always have to grumble at him because of very obvious things, and does he behave as if it is your job? Then he is not only not a real partner and a loved one, he is not even a husband or father.

8. You hide important things from your partner

Communicate. Is always. Always tell your partner why you are angry. Show him that you hurt, and not be angry with him.

9. You tell him that everything is fine when it is not at all

10. Do you think you hit the bank by beating him off from another girl?

If he has changed his past chosen one with you, he will change you too. It is just a matter of time.

11. You do not know your worth

Do you enter into relationships with men who treat you dismissively and think only of themselves? Do you attract only inaccessible men? Are you afraid to ask about what you want? Do you put up with stupidity, in the hope that one day it will magically change? If yes, then you do not know your value. The truth is that a person in a relationship is exposed only to two types of fear: the first is that you will be “not enough”, and the second - you will not be loved. You already face loneliness until you change your point of view.

12. You communicate with several men at the same time.

You do this with the goal of meeting with all of them in case you don’t succeed with any of them.

13. Do you hope that the relationship will solve the problems in your life

14. You do excessive self-deprecation.

15. You love not real relationships, but your dreams.

You fall in love with your fantasies, and then you don’t invest in relationships, if you need to fix something, discuss, resolve the issue or correct the situation.

16. You play with your partner in mind games.

Do not be stupid, do not be petty. Tell him that you have a problem and what steps you want him to take. It is advisable to keep yourself in hand.

17. You do not give your partner free space.

It is normal to want to be with your loved one, but sometimes everyone wants to be alone, someone needs a little more time, someone just a little bit. This does not mean that you should not spend time together, but sometimes when he picks up the TV remote and / or goes to have fun with his friends, leave him (assuming that he will do everything within the limits of what is permitted). A couple of hours away from each other will not kill your relationship, do not dramatize.