8 serious indicators that in front of you are a really smart woman

A really smart woman will never shout about it at every corner and boast about it. She will simply apply her wisdom and ingenuity in the right situation and turn everything as it will be beneficial only to her.

1. She appreciates past experiences

An intelligent woman does not live by the events of the past, does not lament the perfect and does not regret what she did not have time. She simply draws the right conclusions and, instead of shedding tears and smearing snot, draws from the past invaluable experience that helps her build a happy present and future.

2. She is able to control her emotions.

This is a very important quality that helps to emerge from many situations as a winner. The woman who clearly knows and demarcates the range of her feelings, manifesting them in those moments when it is really worth it, will always be heard and understood.

3. She does not adapt to others.

This woman clearly knows that someone else's opinion is what worries and disturbs her the least. She will not go on about what others say, and pave his own, it needs the way.

4. She does not put a man in the center of her life.

The main postulate of wise women: happiness is not in the peasant. What a pity that many of us understand this too late, having filled a lot of cones and left a thousand mouthworms in our soul.

5. She values ​​privacy

Solitude is an opportunity to receive satisfaction and positive emotions from being with yourself. Strange as it may seem, units possess this ability. One has to come to this in order to understand that loneliness is not a sentence and is not the end of life. The main thing is to find yourself and discover new boundaries and horizons.

6. She constantly develops herself

An intelligent woman is always in a state of new knowledge, in learning, developing and discovering the world around her. The process of self-development never ends and does not stand still. While we study, we live and function.

7. She feels other people.

The level of empathy is most developed in people with a high IQ - this has been proven and scientifically confirmed. That is why smart women are sensitive to the mood of other people - they literally read their feelings and emotions, adopting what is happening inside another person.

8. She is not afraid to go beyond the usual

An intelligent woman will never limit herself to boundaries. She tries new things, is not afraid to start something that does not work, and is always open to experimentation and everything unusual.