The most destructive habits of every sign of the zodiac


Here is a list of self-destructive signs of the zodiac and widespread dependencies that bring them to such a state.


Aries are real adrenaline addicts. They would rather endanger themselves than sit in one place and get bored. Sometimes their desire for exciting sensations goes beyond all limits, and the inability to control their own impulses creates problems for them.


Tauruses love luxury and abundance. They are prone to overeating, when they have free access to tasty food, and also sincerely believe in the value of money, but their desire to surround themselves with the best things sometimes makes them spend fabulous sums at the expense of their interests.


Twins constantly need to communicate with other people, so it is incredibly difficult for them to be alone. In the absence of real people nearby, they begin to look for other ways to communicate. In this case, they come to the aid of the Internet and social networks. From now on, Twins refuse to let go of their phone.


Cancers value their personal space and do not seek to open themselves up to everyone around them, but when they do let someone into their lives, their emotional attachment can become unbearable. Cancers always need to take care of someone and receive in return a proportionate amount of attention.

a lion

Lions love to feel loved. However, sometimes their need for universal attention encourages them to go to the most extreme measures. They are trying with all their might to be in the center of attention again, attracting him with their extraordinary appearance and sometimes inadequate behavior.


Virgos are talented organizers who love order in everything. When the situation gets out of control, they are in a state of absolute hopelessness, not being able to progress, plan and develop. Dev's desire to help others also sometimes leaves them sideways, because they are willing to endure the most unfortunate relationships, believing that they are bent on changing everything.


Libra is addicted to love. Since they are looking for balance and harmony in everything, in love they also prefer partners who balance their negative traits and complement the positive ones. However, this does not always play into their hands, since Libra has a tendency to dissolve in every person appearing in their lives.


Sex - the main dependence of Scorpio. Sometimes passion overwhelms them with such force that they begin to lose control over the situation, allowing it to grow into a dependency that is incredibly difficult to get rid of.


Strelets Troops know nothing about measures. Surplus, exaggeration and incontinence as three whales, guide their behavior. This approach extends to everything, so when the Strelets Troops begin to show interest in something, then it is already extremely difficult for them to get rid of it.


Capricorns are known for practicality and discipline. They value reputation and will never allow themselves to be controlled by certain dependencies. For that matter, Capricorns are obsessed with performance. The desire to achieve their goals can completely absorb them and turn them into tireless workaholics.


Aquarius - adventure seekers who definitely need to try everything in this life. However, despite such aspirations, they manage to keep themselves fairly in check. A new idea, perhaps, is the only thing that Aquarius definitely cannot resist. Only Aquarius can forget about everything that happens and devote himself to the next new product in the field of technology.


Pisces are incredibly emotional and are able to determine the emotional state of even a stranger to them. Sometimes they are simply unable to cope with such an oversupply of feelings, which each time exerts increasing pressure on them.