To make men feel your femininity, remember these 6 rules.

Femininity is what every woman strives to achieve, because beauty is a subjective concept, but femininity should be present in everyone. This is what attracts and attracts men, this is what makes watching the woman with a gasp closely, this is what makes her desirable.

External factors of femininity


Here it is important to remember that “It’s not clothes that paint a person, but a man’s clothing.” A woman should be able to present herself, clothes should be neat and tidy, you should feel confident and comfortable in it.

Figure, hair and nails

A feminine woman always looks after herself, her hair is always clean and shiny, there is a neat manicure on her nails and she smells delicious.


Natural, no "battle" coloring. It is also important to remember about accuracy, no flowed ink and a thick layer of tonal means.

Internal factors of femininity:


A girl should be emotional, capable of empathy and compassion. It is important to distinguish too quick-tempered person from a woman who is able to express her emotions. However, everything should be in moderation.


In the movements of a woman, smoothness and elegance should always be observed, feminine girls do not swing their arms. But that does not mean that one should always be dissatisfied and restrain himself from laughing at a good joke. Just agree, there is a difference between a rolling aunt laughing and a cute woman laughing.


No need to walk with a proud look, while ignoring everyone around you, a feminine woman is always open to communication, always ready to listen and help.

Testing from an expert

Psychologist Veronika Khatskevich I prepared a small test, the answers to the questions of which will help you to understand how to develop the femininity inside you.

It is important to understand what kind of female image your mother laid in your head.

How did mom treat herself? How did mom feel about her appearance?

Did you love, accept her, or was you constantly dissatisfied with something? Did she care for herself?

What kind of relationship did mom have with men?

Was there harmony, respect and understanding between her and your father?

And how did she communicate with other men (colleagues, friends)?

How did mom treat sex? Could you speak freely about him with you, or was this topic banned?

Was your relationship with your mother friendly, trusting?

The next step is to write out what an ideal woman appears in your head:

Who is she like to do?

How does she look, how does she make up, how long is her hair, what style of dress does she prefer?

What is her character, how does she behave?

Is she in a serious relationship?

Does she love herself?

Answers to these questions will help you compare what you want with reality, that is, with you. And now - the most important thing: you unconsciously project your relation to your mother onto yourself. Therefore, it is very important to work out your attitude towards her in detail: not accepting any line in your mother, resenting her, you actually do not accept her in yourself, which means you cannot love yourself. Only through the full acceptance of your mother as a person and as a woman can you accept and love yourself, and therefore find a Real Woman in yourself.