6 qualities of women who madly like men and make them fight for it


Acquaintance and communication with a decent man is always exciting for a woman, even for the one who is completely confident in herself. Life shows us that just nice to talk and flirt is no longer enough for a man to stop his choice and be eager to start a relationship with a particular girl.

So what in you will make him realize that you really are the one he has been waiting for all his life? Here are 6 female traits that will slay any man:

1. You are not so easily impressed

You are not one of those women who easily agree to much only because an attractive man spoke to you. You know that you make an informed choice.

The point here is not to pretend that you are not very interested when your heart is actually really beating. Instead, consciously consider that you, too, are not sure whether it suits you. In the end, you just met him. How could you find out more about him, something, how he looks, walks and smiles?

So, approach the situation as it is: you think that he is outwardly attractive, but he will have to prove to you that you should continue to communicate with him. Look at this as a chance to find out if he really is the one with whom you want to get to know each other.

Men love it, because they really want to win this game, they biologically adore such "competitions", so let it pursue you. If you are interested and you think that it is attractive, it will automatically show your body language. You will smile, laugh at his jokes, your eyes will light up and he will notice.

Just be yourself. Be a woman who considers him attractive at first glance, but who needs to find out what is hiding under this look to make sure that it suits you.

2. Are you confident

You have a hidden confidence that allows you to feel comfortable in almost any situation.

When you are confident, your body language manifests this in how you look into the eyes of a man, how you behave when you are with him, and in your slight smile. Men can not give up the relationship with a woman who is so confident in herself.

3. You feel seductive

The point is not to look seductive, but to feel that way. It's not about the dress with a deep neckline and heels, it's about self-confidence and comfort in your own body. Again, the language of movement will show that you are in exactly this harmonious state.

The best way to feel seductive? This is not what you wear when leaving the house. Wear beautiful underwear, even if it's jeans and a sweatshirt. Even if you know that no one will see this, wearing silky underwear, you subconsciously think that this can be seen through the man with whom you are talking.

4. You have your own life besides relationships

No one needs a girl who has no life of her own, except to walk with her friends in search of suitor.

Most men value their personal time with themselves, and they need to know that they will not lose it all if they are in a relationship with you. Carefully negligently tell him that you have other interests, and he will feel good, knowing that you will be fine without him.

5. You show your interest.

Do you want to know more about this man you met? Ask him questions that are not like testing during an interview, but at the same time indicate your interest in his person. Avoid with inappropriate personal questions, of course.

6. You shine

Women who are happy, enthusiastic and have a wonderful life are very attractive to men. As if there is a light that comes from your eyes and smiles and surrounds with its transparent beauty.

It is a mixture of confidence, physical and emotional health, self-esteem and love for your life. Men can not help but feel this energy and not be carried away by it. Perhaps that is what led him to you, and he will be so intrigued by this bright gem that he will find that he cannot tear himself away.

The best way to start feeling good in your life is to just do what you love, be healthy (physically and emotionally) and achieve your goals, even if they are relatively simple.

As soon as you stop trying to go against your own true nature, you will feel more confident and happy, and this will help you draw love into your life.