These 4 trends are more than 20 years old, but they are still relevant.

Fashion is cyclic and often returns. But the 90s are out of time: in those years there were many different trends that are relevant to this day, only in a slightly modified form. And you need to see this difference in order to not look ridiculous in an attempt to become stylish. We offer 4 fashion trends of the 90s, which even today look harmonious and modern.

Cloth elastic

Earlier hair ornaments were made independently. They took the usual wide gum (yes, as from cowards) and sheathed it with a bright rag of fabric, for example, in tune with the dress or blouse. This combination looked very nice. Today they are trying to make such elastic bands so that they are invisible on the hair.
Shutterstock But why not return this trend and not make a gum out of the fabric you like? Although, you can also buy ready-made. It is especially fashionable to wear wide elastic bands - hide it. Hair with this accessory you can do the most simple: the tail at the crown. So the gum will be visible not only from behind, but also from the front. You can also decorate a facet bundle.

Wide fabric elastic bands possess one more important quality: they perfectly hold hair, but do not tighten them. And after removing the screener, you can not worry about a couple of hairs stretching out or creases remain.

Blue eye makeup

In the 90s, when it was problematic to get cosmetics, everything was considered fashionable. And for some reason, it was blue shadows that prevailed in post-Soviet women in a cosmetics bag. The ladies did not bother themselves with the various make-up techniques and boldly covered the eyelids completely, putting on a blue blouse in tune with this makeup.
ShutterstockToday so it is no longer painted, but blue has not gone out of fashion. Only use it carefully and a little differently. For example, cornflower or ultramarine shadows impose on the line of growth of eyelashes. Original look and blue mascara. For New Year's makeup, you can try to shade the blue shadows under the eyebrows, making something like smoky-eyes.

Rosy cheeks

I remember an episode from the fairy tale “Frost”, as the mother rubbed Marfusha with her beets on her cheeks to make her as attractive as possible for the potential groom. In the 90s, of course, nobody used such an extreme method. Although the blush was applied, as they say, from the heart. Women did not know that with the help of decorative cosmetics you can contour the face, so they just walked with pink apples on their cheeks and were happy.
ShutterstockToday not to be able to use blush - bad form. And if you have never tried, then you should start under the guidance of a stylist or a beauty blogger (video). First, you need to choose the right color for blush. Secondly, define your face type to make the blush natural.

Pink blush is not suitable for anyone. And you need to use them very carefully. In order not to risk, it is better to choose beige tones (peach, honey).

Playful curls

With modern hair accessories to achieve curls and curls is a snap. Previously, women with straight hair had to resort to a perm. “Chemistry” was preferred by ladies in years - it was elegant and easy to fold. Young girls were less likely to decide on such a radical transformation, because the curl held on for a long time and badly damaged the hair.
ShutterstockToday in beauty salons there is an improved service - permanent waving, analogue chemical. She does not spoil the hair so much, because for the procedure high-quality cosmetics are used. To keep such a perm will be from 3 to 6 months. But modern girls prefer to often change the image, so this time is enough to enjoy the playful curls.