9 fashion lifehacks that will make your life much easier

Prevent calluses on the feet with a roller deodorant

Do you like to wear beautiful, but not always comfortable shoes? To avoid making blisters, just wipe the area of ​​the shoes that bothers you with a transparent roller deodorant. Let it dry and put on your shoes. A deodorant will provide an invisible barrier between your skin and shoes and a light lubricant to prevent friction - it's better than an unsightly adhesive, isn't it?

Make your jeans fit perfectly

To do this, immerse the jeans in a bath with warm water for at least an hour. After hanging the jeans to dry. After a while, while they are a little wet, put them on. Wear jeans until they are completely dry, perfectly taking your body shape.

Make nylon tights more durable with hairspray

Just spray on tights light layer of your hair spray. This will fix the fibers of your tights and save them from the treacherous "shooters."

Unravel the chain with oil and pins

To unravel the knot on your favorite chain, lubricate it with oil and gently begin to unravel with a pin.

Make sure your sweater does not shed

Wrap it in a bag and place it in the freezer overnight. The cold will “fix” the short fibers on the sweater so that it does not shed anymore.

Fasten the zipper to the jeans

Does the zipper on your favorite jeans slide all the time? Secure it with a small ring of keychains or keys. To do this, attach the ring to the tongue of the zipper. Button it up and put a button-ring on jeans. Button jeans on button - the ring is hidden behind the fabric.

Remove yellow spots from white T-shirt with lemon juice.

To do this, just soak the desired areas of lemon juice before putting the clothes in the washing machine.

Remove unpleasant smell from shoes with tea bags

Just put a pair of dry tea bags in your shoes. Another option is to sprinkle shoes with baking soda or a solution of water and vinegar.