15 variants of sweet lies, which literally all men use in relationships


Lies, lies, lies and nothing but lies. If you think your relationship is 100% sincere, we are sorry, but you are mistaken. Your man lies more often than you think. Lies may not affect your relationship, but you must know what it is, so as not to feel like a fool.

Every man says these 15 kinds of lies, or at least some of them.

1. I have never been so in love

He probably speaks the truth when he says he loves you. But it’s just as likely that he lies when he says that he has never loved anyone so much, unless, of course, you are not the first woman with whom he has ever been. If he has met other women before, there is a chance that he told them the same thing and repeats it so that you feel good. Do not doubt his love because of this lie, just know that he used to love other women, and this statement is not true.

2. You really liked my friends

At the beginning of a relationship, or when the two of you go out somewhere, if he says that his friends love you, he probably tries to make you happy by saying this. Friends of your chosen one do not have much interest to the girls of their friend. In fact, they are a little upset that he cannot appear at their party, because he has to spend time with you.

3. I fell asleep

This is the sweetest, but the most stupid lie that men say. A person cannot fall asleep when your conversation lasts no more than ten seconds. Therefore, if he said that he fell asleep last night during a telephone conversation with you, this means that he did not want to talk to you, that sleep means more to him than you. It's a shame or not, but it's true.

4. You are the only girl who writes me

Do not make the mistake of believing this lie. All men receive messages from girls, unless he is 12 years old. If this is the beginning of your relationship, and he directly tells you that you are the only girl who writes to him, please do not see it. Men support any conversations to have potential girlfriends. This does not mean that they will ever deceive you. Although, if he has other girls who write him messages, even when he contacted you, he should have some explanations.

5. I do not communicate with my ex

Former can annoy both him and you. They always hide in the shadows. But, if he ever begins to communicate with her again, he will make sure that you never know about it. He knows what your reaction will be, and he really does not want to see it. For some spoiled reasons, he responds to the woman who abandoned him or was abandoned by him. And it is completely obvious that he does not want you to know.

6. You are hotter than her

He is telling this lie in the interest of increasing your self-esteem, and this is hardly wrong. You know that a girl who has just passed by is ten times hotter than you, and it is impossible to deny it, but he will dare to tell you the lie you secretly want to hear: you are much hotter than her.

7. My ex is crazy

She might as well be crazy with the same success, but most likely not. This regret about the relationship with her makes him say that she is crazy. She was probably just another ordinary girl he met, and it didn't end well, and he was offended by that. Perhaps he will talk about you the same way if you ever break up. Therefore, when he says that his ex is crazy, he can greatly exaggerate.

8. I love your family

He definitely does not hate them, but he still lies when he says that he loves your family. He really wants to love them as his family, but you know how much your parents, especially your dad, dislike him. And your little brother, who can't stop asking him about everything, and the cat, who seems to have never loved him. He will tell you that he loves them all, but secretly he wants to escape from your family’s home as quickly as possible.

9. You look great

Of course, you look good, but sometimes, when you go overboard with cosmetics and choose an ugly dress, he will prefer to keep a positive atmosphere, telling a lie: “you look perfect!” two were late for lunch. Keep in mind, he does not think that you are ugly or something else, it is just a safe way that saves both of you.

10. Of course you can come

He likes to spend time with you, but he hates it when you want him to take you for a walk with his friends. Everyone likes to spend some time away from relationships. Time with friends should be just time with friends without you. And what is his choice? He lies, though he secretly hopes that something will go wrong and you will not come.

11. My mother loves you

I think this is the most obvious lie. Moms are never satisfied with the girls their sons meet. No matter how hard you try to be good enough for him and his family, there will always be a small part in his mother’s heart that despises you.

12. I listen to you

He can watch a football match lasting 90 minutes, but as soon as there are details in your story that take “too much time”, he stops listening. When you ask him if he is listening, he will tell you: “Yes, of course, I am listening.” You should try to keep the conversation short so that he really listens and reacts. If you can not tell the whole story, be prepared to hear a glorious lie.

13. I'll call you back

How often did men not call you when they said they would call back? All those who have not lied so should be awarded a cheeseburger for their honesty, because this is rare!

While you are waiting for his call the next day, he probably sleeps after the party. Do not believe this lie and do not be discouraged when he does not call.

14. It is very tasty.

Your father must have lied too when you cooked a terrible pasta for the first time. Men often tell this lie, and, in fact, they should be valued for it. They eat something that is not very tasty, and they tell you that this is the best they have eaten so that your heart will not be broken. Such an attitude deserves some encouragement. Although later they should tell you that you haven't salted this dish.

15. You are the best

Most likely, he will say it in bed to lighten your mood. He just wants you to feel good, and at the same time wants you to feel better every time. Just imagine how he says that you are the best from all those with whom he has ever met. How good are you after hearing?