6 signs that you are bored with your husband

In any marriage you must live the present. Unfortunately, many of us relax and stop trying for a relationship: they turn a blind eye to obvious problems, forget about their loved ones. While marriage requires careful attention and constant updating.

It is important not to miss the moment when your marriage begins to roll down the slope, and to prevent a catastrophe in time. Therefore, we will share with you 6 signs that your husband is not happy with you, and the relationship is cracking.

He has changed dramatically

One day you may think that your man has changed overnight. In fact, he had long asked you, tried to talk, but you just ignored him and continued to live as you lived. It is this unwillingness to change and even discuss problems that brought him to the boiling point. And when this happened, you suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

He doesn't want to discuss anything with you.

When your partner refuses to discuss your relationship, it may be a signal that he has reached the limit and he just doesn’t care. When a couple has the power to discuss and argue, there is still life in their relationship. Otherwise, they are not amenable to resuscitation.

He avoids physical intimacy.

Intimacy — hugs, kisses, touches — these are natural manifestations of love. And when there is no physical intimacy, it means that something in your relationship goes wrong. In this case, the best solution would be a frank conversation, or even a trip to a psychologist.

He seems to live in a parallel reality.

Marriage is a joint life of two people. Both of you, of course, should have a personal space, but this does not mean that you should each live your own life.
If he spends time with friends, at work or in the gym, than with you, this is a very bad sign. Show interest in his life, discuss joint pastime.

All your talk is about children and everyday problems.

Of course, home and children are important topics for conversation. However, if you have no other topics for conversation, you have serious problems. When was the last time you talked about life, feelings, your affairs? Without such conversations, the connection with your partner is lost. Remember that it is important to feel like a couple, and not just parents or cohabitants.

He points out your shortcomings.

When you take care of another person, you choose words to say something less about what you don’t like. If your partner constantly criticizes you, speaks rudely about your actions, it means that he doesn’t care how you feel. Talk to him about your feelings, explain that it is unpleasant and painful for you to hear such words from a loved one.