If you feel these 5 things, it means that you are too fixated on yourself.

Do you always try to do everything flawlessly, and the slightest mistake can knock you out of a rut? It is possible that you are a perfectionist. So, you should know these 5 main drawbacks of perfectionism.

Perfectionism leads to selfishness

You focus on yourself in every sense: you only think about your own success and your own mistakes, your own feelings and experiences. Your attention is so absorbed by your own emotions that you sometimes do not notice the emotions of other people.

Perfection prevents you from being grateful

Did you not like something in what you did? You start to constantly think only in this direction, and completely forget to thank those people who were with you and supported you, no matter what. In other words, you think negatively, not positively.

Perfectionism eats up your energy

You always try to do everything for one hundred percent, and as a result you remain empty and exhausted. Meanwhile, it is difficult for you to find a source of new energy, because all your thoughts are absorbed in what you managed to do and what you did not manage.

Perfectionism makes you ignore the most important points.

You are so absorbed in luck or failure that you simply don’t even notice the most important words of support and appreciation. And again and again you are left alone with your perfectionism.

Perfectionism - the enemy of success

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, perfection and success are not equal to each other. Often we equate success with the result of everything that happens according to plan, without any failures or surprises. However, this is not quite true. Success is achieved as a result of free and positive creativity, rather than the forced craving for an impeccable ideal.