If you take into account these 8 things, breast cancer will not threaten you

Maintain a healthy weight

There are studies that prove that overweight increases the risk of health problems. Fat deposits interfere with the processes of the body, because of what it can not function properly.

Learn about your genes

How many people in your family had breast cancer? If you still do not know, now is the time to check. Having close family members who have developed breast cancer increases your risk, since many diseases are transmitted genetically.

Learn all about the chest

You need to know everything about your breast in order to feel all the changes that are happening to it. Medical representatives from all over the world recommend that you feel and check your chest yourself so that you are always up to date.

Drink in moderation

Although red wine is recognized as beneficial, excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer. Adhere to the rule that drinking alcohol will be without visible harm to your body, if it is no more than once a week.

Do not skip workouts

Not only will sport help you maintain a healthy weight, many doctors prescribe training as a preventive measure against cancer. Make it your task to walk or train for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week.

Do not forget about the correct contraception.

Consult your gynecologist to find out which contraceptives are right for you. At the moment, a lot of dubious companies have appeared in the pharmacy industry, so this choice should be approached wisely.

Learn about the risks

Being informed is 60 percent success. Learn about all the risks of breast cancer - even those that are not always preventable, for example, having a baby after 35 years of age or a ban on breastfeeding You should always ask not only about genetic risks, but also about those who are hiding in the environment.

Feel free to doctors

Your doctor will not only carry out an examination, but will also tell you about all possible warnings. If suddenly you do not understand something in the field of medicine or you are interested in any question, who is better to explain everything than the attending doctor?