7 special features of the woman with whom the man is ready to live all his life


So, what qualities are important for men in a woman with whom they are willing to build a serious relationship?

1. Be yourself

Do not be shy to be yourself.

Feel free to laugh uncontrollably with a man as you do with your closest friend. Men love women with a sense of humor.

Feel free to eat a cheeseburger for lunch if you really want it. Why pretend that fresh salad of greens is the dish of your dreams?

And men like to see you not with a full parade, but without special makeup and hair. As it is sung in one English-language song: “Sweatpants, hair tied in a bun, without makeup, then you are the most beautiful!” Its author is right.

2. Respect for yourself

The way you present yourself says a lot about who you are.

In modern society, there is something called social networks, and this is basically your “resume” for men. Where you go, who you go with, what you say and how you speak, it reflects you as a person.

Maybe immature young men like and like, but real men do not play these games. You can not respect a man if you do not respect yourself.

Men prefer a woman who is better carried away by an interesting book, and will not go to the club to drink at the weekend. Men prefer those women who live more restrained, as this makes them more intriguing.

The less he knows about your life at the beginning of a relationship, the more interesting you are for him. Your conversations make sense to him, relationships become attractive. And if he already knows the place where you were, and everything you did, where would it lead?

3. Caring

A man wants a woman to reach out to his hand. He wants you to come and kiss him. He wants you to hug him and ask him how his day was. This causes the feeling of being cared for. And it strengthens the bond.

4. Intellect

Smart women are those who know a lot about the world, but are even more interested in making it better.

They think strategically. In addition, they have a desire for success, which in itself can be the biggest turn. In life there is something more than a bag from the latest collection, designer shoes or the next series of your favorite series.

Decisions that men face in life can often give them uncertainty, and the presence of a shrewd woman can help them make the right choice. This does not mean that all women should graduate from Moscow State University. But intelligence, judgment and understanding are extremely important for a man.

5. Self-confidence

Life is a complicated thing. Every day is a struggle to win, and a self-confident woman is the key to making a dream come true.

A woman who loves herself, regardless of her own shortcomings, will love a man. In addition to love, she will pass through all the obstacles in life with him.

In a confident woman there is something seductive, and this has nothing to do with appearance. It is almost like the energy that attracts men.

6. Ambitiousness

Men love to take care and plan their future life together, but they also love women who can plan this life with them. Men do not want to make every decision alone. They need one that can see outside of today.

Therefore, a woman who wants to become a better mother for her children or have a successful career will strive for a successful relationship. However, if she lacks ambition, the result may be different.

7. The ability to prioritize

The fact that a woman has the desire to put a man in the first place immediately shows that her ego does not hurt to create a strong union.

Ladies, a huge misconception to believe that appearance, popularity, or even social status will drive you with love for life. It will not happen. Stop trying. What matters is who you are - that's what a real man wants.