What pants excite the male imagination: 6 models for the romantic spring

Pants in the women's wardrobe from the men's "settled" thanks to the bike. Skating in a skirt was at least inconvenient, but at most - indecent.

Trousers with arrows

In this model of trousers a woman looks strictly and simultaneously attractively inaccessible. According to legend, the arrows appeared on the pants by accident. In the 19th century, the prince rode to the ball, and on the way he found a heavy downpour and he was all wet. I had to stop in the nearest house, at the local peasant woman, who was very agitated and ironed off the prince’s trousers with a large iron, folding the two legs together. It turned out pants with arrows, which really liked the status guest.
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Leather pants

Tight leather pants are a guarantee that you will be the center of attention. It is better to combine this model with delicate woolen voluminous jumpers or with a white blouse and cardigan; in such a dress you will look gentle and feminine.

Black pants

High pants in black - this is one of the basic things of any wardrobe, which will look good in combination with any top. Wide trousers with high seating effectively hide the problem areas in the waist and hips. Black trousers slim color, and in combination with a bright top attract the attention of the opposite sex.
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Flared trousers to the bottom

Model flared to the bottom makes the legs visually longer. Velveteen fabric is pleasing to the body, elastic material is ideal for those who like tight-fitting pants. Not many fabrics are also well suited for the transitional season, winter - spring. Velvet is always in trend thanks to a stunning natural palette of shades of brown, sandy brown, mustard and orange, originally from the 70s. You can choose a belt to emphasize the hips - the sexual curves of the body act on men magically. Katie Holmes, a wonderful actress and one of the most beautiful and desirable women, prefers to wear corduroy pants with a cashmere sweater, revealing one shoulder.
Mango pants

Straight pants

You can wear this model with turtlenecks and thin jumpers, tucked in or tucked away. The cropped style, where the ankle flashes, looks seductive and captivates young people.
Mango pants

Pants with high waist

Trousers with high waist, warm spring shade. Narrowed to the bottom, they will emphasize slender legs, and high waist - thin waist. Will look great with jackets or tucked with a feminine blouse with bare shoulders.
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