8 qualities of the real bastard

A man who will hurt you, trample and tear to pieces a million parts can be seen at the very beginning of the relationship. To do this, at least temporarily turn on your head, remove your rose-colored glasses and carefully watch him.

1. He manages time at meetings

The man appoints and decides when you will meet, how much, and how long the meeting will last. You constantly have to adjust to him, and he steers the situation, as if allowing you to see him and making condescension.

2. He saves on you

He is very greedy and cautious: he constantly complains about the lack of money, does not go to cafes and restaurants, does not give you flowers, and is bought in stores only during discounts or promotions.

3. He is lying

And this lie is so cleverly disguised that sometimes it can not be calculated. Particular attention should be paid to the little things - if he constantly leaves the conversation, jumps from topic to topic, something is silent and hides - you can be almost one hundred percent sure that he is lying.

4. He flirts with other women

Often, this happens right before your eyes - unequivocal smiles, comments in the next ladies and increased interest in other girls. This is a clear sign that, most likely, in the future it will change you.

5. He does not introduce you to friends.

In this case, you need to be especially wary. Usually there are two reasons: he simply does not take you seriously, or he has a permanent woman, so he carefully masks your connection, because you have the role of a mistress.

6. He is rude and aggressive

These are obvious qualities of a male despot and a tyrant. Even if at the beginning of a relationship it manifests itself from time to time, you can be sure that later his gut will open in full.

7. He won't let you in his life

You seem to be on the sidelines: yes, he meets with you and spends a certain amount of time, but constantly fences off, as if fearing that you will learn more than you need. Think well, what do you know about this man? It is possible that he simply hides his real life, in which there are people much more important than the relationship with you.

8. He controls you too much.

He constantly arranges interrogations with predilection, requires a full report, is jealous of each post and checks your phone and personal correspondence. In the future, life with such a person will be a complete meal, because he will completely erase you as a person, crushing them completely and turning them into a limp doll.

9. He neglects you

He does not set up the first meeting, does not call, is not interested in your affairs and, in general, is as if on the sidelines? This man is simply indifferent to you, and with his whole appearance shows complete disregard and indifference to your relationship. Consider whether you want to take everything alone on your shoulders, because this instance obviously will not help you.