Every sign of the zodiac behaves exactly this way when in love, but really doesn't want to be with you.



Aries express their internal contradictions quite openly. Today, they can chat with you until three o'clock in the morning, assuring that they are interested in something more than just friendship, and tomorrow they can behave as if nothing had happened, as if nothing could exist apart from you. . Nevertheless, you will know that you are not indifferent to them, because there is something in them that will tell you that not quite the right relationship has been established between you.


Tauruses are incredibly stubborn, especially in heart matters. Usually they are extremely persistent in achieving what they want. Instead of creating a serious relationship, they will try to extract the maximum benefit from your either friendly, or romantic relationship. Do not fall for their bait, because in this case you will never achieve your goal.


Gemini from all the signs of the zodiac solve their internal contradictions least effectively, so if they feel confused about someone, they, as a rule, will direct all their direct energy to this person. All this will lead the Twins to a situation in which they will not know what feelings they have for this person. If the Twins truly love you, they are definitely and confident. Everything else is just an affair or sexual attraction.


It is not in nature that Cancers do something that can deprive them of their desired relationship. They are more interested in long-term relationships than in a fleeting sexual impulse. A cancer that has feelings for someone and is unable to express them, since these relationships are perceived as unsuccessful, will begin to behave aggressively in order to make you be the first to turn away from it.

a lion

Lions will stay in your society for as long as they need to decide whether they want to be in a relationship with you or not. If they decide this question positively, the result will not be long in coming. Otherwise, in your life you will not see them anymore. In relations with the Lions, you should be able to notice whether they are really interested in continuing your relationship or just want to have some fun. Always believe the Lions in terms of the relationship to which they are ready here and now.


If Virgos feel that they are falling in love with you, but they do not see you as a reliable partner, it is not in their rules to consider you unsuitable, rather, they believe that something is wrong with you and only they can help you eliminate this shortcoming. If Virgos are not ready to enter into a relationship with you, but are interested in making you better, it is likely that they are trying to determine whether you are suitable for them or not.


Well-known Libra for his openness considers any confusion in the relationship the worst of all that can happen. They are so focused on relationships that any interpersonal differences bring them discomfort. That is why all their actions have a certain meaning. Those who care about someone Libra, but who do not want to be with this person, will shun him and behave secretly in relation to some areas of their lives, building a kind of shield that does not allow them to get burned.


When Scorpios have serious feelings for someone, they rarely resist their instincts for what they want. Their lives are so multifaceted that feigned relations will be too burdensome for them, not to mention giving them official status, making their final choice in their favor. In love, but not in a relationship Scorpio will behave that way, and only time will tell if he is ready to truly make them official.


Sagittarius is not only the most straightforward among the entire horoscope, but also the most calm, especially in terms of relationships. If Sagittarius you really care, they will do everything to be with you, but if they do not want to burden themselves with relationships, they will not. They are unlikely to exclude you from the circle of their friends, but at the same time they will keep you at arm's length.


Capricorns, confident in something or someone, tend to give themselves to this one hundred percent. Even if they initially considered themselves unprepared for this relationship, once they are convinced that they have found the right person, they will overcome all their doubts and act in the only correct way.


Aquarius, whom you really care about, but who do not plan to start any relationship, will keep you at a distance, from time to time giving you compliments and praise. In general, even though they are rarely, but neatly appear in your life, their affection will be obvious.


You will probably never hear from Pisces in love with you about feelings and that they do not want to be with you. They will keep a low profile until you find that they use their affection for you as an inspiration for their creativity. At some point you will become their muse.