If you notice these 3 signs in a man, he will hardly please you in bed

The behavior of a man can tell not only about his prospects as a possible spouse, but also about how good a lover he can be. First of all, of course, it is important that a man in bed thinks not only about his pleasure, but also about the pleasure of his partner. What signs may indicate that your orgasm is indifferent to him?

He is selfish in everyday life

If a man is not able to think about another person in everyday things, then how can we expect from him that he will take care of your pleasure in such a delicate moment as sex? Most likely, he needs sex only in order to satisfy his own needs. But are you ready to serve for him as such an object, and not as a beloved woman? If not, then it’s definitely not worth contacting an egoist.

He is cruel and can say something unpleasant to amuse self-esteem

If he is not able to observe the personal boundaries of a person when it comes to conversation, it does not make sense for him to expect that in bed he will think about your pleasure. Moreover, it is possible that he may violate your personal boundaries and be cruel to you in order to please yourself.

He pays no attention to your desires.

If he doesn’t care what we think about his behavior, that a number of his actions are unacceptable for you and your other desires also remain insignificant for him, you shouldn’t expect special diligence in bed. Such men always think only of themselves.