9 phrases that immediately make you stupid in the eyes of a man

A truly intelligent woman always thinks first and then speaks. And he thinks for a long time, thoroughly and persistently, so as not to become a fool in the eyes of his beloved. And never says something that absolutely can not say.

1. “You had to listen to me”

Women love to teach, returning to the fact that they really know absolutely everything about life, and the man did not listen to her, therefore he received what he received.

2. "I am not happy with you"

After such words, the man will definitely have an inferiority complex and, most likely, we must wait for him to just collect things and leave.

3. "The husband of a friend makes it better"

To compare your man with others is just a taboo, something that you can never and absolutely not do! Men's self-esteem is extremely vulnerable and very sensitive, and there is nothing worse than a man with a trampled sense of self-esteem.

4. "You create a problem not because of what"

This is a direct message to the fact that you simply do not care about your man. Especially often it is said when he shares his feelings and reveals the soul (which is rare for men), and you just otfutbolivaete him, saying that he is worried because of trifles.

5. “Everything in life I have achieved myself”

You can say this to your mother, friend, colleague, but in no case do not say such a man. Such a phrase is perceived as a demonstration of one's own superiority over him, indicating that he is a complete nothingness.

6. “Be a peasant!”

We usually say this when we believe that our partner shows cowardice, infantilism and behaves like a little boy. These are very offensive words for a man, with which you emphasize the fact that he is not a man at all, but a rag on which you ruthlessly wiped your feet.

7. “Could you not guess?”

Alas, the intuition in men is developed much worse than in women. Therefore, when you are hinting or expecting from him that he will guess himself, you can be sure that the mission will fail. Men only understand everything in the literal sense, so if you want something, say it as it is and forget all the hints.

8. "You have to lose weight"

Instead of losing weight, you can substitute many other words denoting physical features. In general, the theme of appearance is a purely personal matter of each person. Especially if you point to your man clearly not on the form of Apollo, you can be sure that he will be offended by you.

9. "We need to talk"

An ominous phrase, after which quarrels and showdowns usually begin. Only now it acts on men right back - after they hear it, they close in themselves and just keep silent in response to all your ranks.