Although these 5 procedures are dangerous, they are still being continued.

Edge removal

For the sake of wasp waist in the XVIII century, women wore tight corsets that deformed the ribs and internal organs. Today, simply remove the lower edges. But before making such sacrifices for the sake of beauty, consider whether it is worth risking health if, at the slightest mistake of the surgeon, during surgery you will have kidney prolapse, exacerbation of colds, sternum deformity and cardiovascular diseases. And even with successful surgery, the patient will have to be very sensitive to the state of their health and monitor the work of the internal organs.


Not only in Ethiopia, one can observe the popularity of facial scarification. A new trend in fashion in the United States has become a tattoo in the form of freckles on his face. When applying tattoos, microblading technique is used: small incisions are made on the skin, into which the paint is driven in. Someone considers the results of such a procedure really attractive: people “spread” freckles in the form of constellations. However, according to some commentators on Instagram photos, such tattoos look more like acne or acne. Whether the “freckled” face is beautiful or not, it is worth remembering that such an intervention in the skin structure has consequences.

Changing eyes

Residents of Asian countries consider round and not narrow eyes beautiful. To achieve visual expansion of the eye, the Korean women during plastic surgery remove the fold from the inner corner of the eye.

Some women, in pursuit of beauty, have surgery to insert implants in their eyes in order to change their color to a more attractive one.

Beautiful chin

Plastic surgery to change the shape of the chin changes the appearance more than the injection of Botox or plastic nose. This type of operation changes the structure of the bones of the maxillofacial skeleton - this is a very complex, potentially dangerous surgical intervention. However, what can not be done in pursuit of a neat sharp face.

Lip piercing

In Ethiopia, women wear a very “unusual” face ornament. Little girls cut their lower lip and begin to insert a wooden plate into the hole, increasing its diameter over time. The more the edge of the lip stretches, the more beautiful the girl is considered. After getting married, a wooden plate is exchanged for clay. Women remove the lower incisors so that they do not interfere with the installation of the plate. Yes, we are still in the 21st century.