7 female missteps, because of which men will always change

Of course, a man is not a goby on a string, which only needs to be enticed, and he immediately runs in the right direction. Any meanness is always done consciously, deliberately and with full responsibility for their act. But still there are situations when a woman herself provokes a man for adultery, but does not realize this.

1. Reluctance of intimacy

Whatever psychologists and scientists may say, intimacy for men is very important, and if this aspect is lacking in relationships, they begin to look for pleasure elsewhere.

2. Repulsive appearance

Men love with their eyes - this fact has long been verified and proved many times. Even if you are not working and are sitting at home on maternity leave, the view of your wife in a washed-up robe and with a greasy tuft on your head will not please any spouse. You are not obliged to meet your husband from work in full parade, but you should always watch and take care of yourself.

3. Quarrels and showdowns

The vessel of male patience is filled for a long time, but when constant reproaches, claims, quarrels, scandals and showdowns splash over it, he simply does not want to go where passions boil over such an edge that nerves pass. It is much more convenient to find a calm and understanding woman on the side that will be meek, sweet and obedient.

4. Encroachment on personal space

Often, women believe that partners should exist in constant symbiosis, not parting with each other day or night. The concept of personal space has not been canceled by anyone, it is especially important for a man to have at least a piece of something of his own, for the soul. If you eagerly need to spend time 24 hours a day, wait for the backlash. He will simply lead the novel on the side as that very personal space.

5. Monotony in relationships

Of course, you should not be for him a clown, a joker, a joker and always a girl ready for bed in one bottle. But still the routine has a very negative effect on relationships, men get tired of this and start looking for peppercorn and diversity on the side.

6. Deprivation of self-confidence and self-sufficiency

If a woman constantly enumerates the faults of a man and says that he is a loser, his self-esteem falls below the baseboard. But this is the worst thing for the masculine sense of importance. For a man, a woman should be nourished - the resource that inspires confidence in him, admires and praises. And if this does not happen, guess what he will do? That's right, he will find the one who will sing his praises and assure that he is the best.

7. Coldness and detachment

Of course, this can be a good reason. But if your partner feels your complete indifference, loss of interest and cold, then, of course, he will slowly and surely go in search of the one with which everything will be different.

Remember that the most important thing is mutual return, and then your family life will never face meanness and betrayal.