7 signs that former classmates still laugh at you

School time gives us many happy moments, it is at this time that we make friends, with most of whom we have been friends for many years. An evening of reunion and just joint gatherings are always fond memories. But sometimes it happens that as time passes, some of the former classmates disguise the same mockery of their good attitude towards you. How to recognize it at the earliest stage?

1. You are constantly reminded of cases from school that are unpleasant to you.

For example, how you fell at an inopportune moment, disgraced yourself or did not show your best. There are such things that we want to forget even after years, but you will persistently remind you of this and assume that it is very fun and funny.

2. Above you hurt and joke

This humor is close to caustic sarcasm, and not to good friendly jokes. You are constantly left out in the cold, playing out and sincerely wondering why you do not fall out of laughter with everyone.

3. You are called offensive nicknames from school

“Zherd”, “board”, “bun” and still a great many. Usually these nicknames characterize the appearance of a person. Remember how unpleasant you were to hear it at school. And when everything is transferred to adulthood and is put up as a matter of course - this is doubly unpleasant.

4. Do you get the details of your personal life and career

Even if you don’t want to talk about it, you will still be pulled out of your relationship, work and leisure aspects. Everyone is especially interested in unpleasant moments for you, which are sucked and discussed with special gusto.

5. Your successes are surprised.

Classmates simply wonder that you were able to achieve something in life - to create a happy family, raise children, find a good job and build a career. It is as if they do not believe that the person who you were at school could create for themselves a happy life.

6. You make dubious compliments.

Especially often it concerns the appearance. “You look so good, right, but in school there was such a lambshell.” It seems that they would like to say something pleasant, but it turned out as always. Or about your partner: "What kind of husband did you snatch yourself for, but before that nobody looked at you from the boys".

7. Your failures and misses are gloating.

Hearing that something has not happened in your life, former classmates are beginning to gloat openly and enjoy the fact that everything is not so smooth. At the same time they immediately begin to list their achievements and boast the best life.