That's what you really feel when an obsessive thought can't get out of your head

When you think too much about such philosophical questions as "Who am I?", "What is the meaning of life?", "Why do I like it, but not?"

We all somehow try to understand ourselves and the world. And this is exactly what the questions help us with. Our childhood begins with questions, but questions do not end when we get older. That's the way life is. We are constantly looking for answers.

Questions arise when we communicate with people around us, when we enter into relationships with “that one” or simply when we are alone with ourselves. And this is quite normal.

However, the danger lies in the fact that questions and searches for answers do not swallow you up and do not interfere with your life in the present.

Therefore, from time to time, stop and just enjoy the moment of real life. Life is - and everything is on it. No questions and answers. Your present is your gift that you should accept without thinking.