8 true reasons because of which all married men dream to be free

Even a happy and perfect family life with a beautiful wife and obedient children sometimes tires a man so much that he falls into his memories of a bachelor life. Yes, marriage gives him many joyful moments, in children he proudly sees the continuation of himself, and his spouse - a dream. But why, then, does he sometimes admit to himself that he would like to be free and not have a family?

Here are 8 confessions of married men, try not to throw disapproving eyes:

1. He likes to conquer

Men love to conquer women. Initially, the whole thing in the "chase". Men like to feel that they work hard to deserve the love of the woman they hunt. When they are married, they are deprived of such thrills.

2. He likes to flirt

The man had to become serious next to the woman he married. He had to give up this part of his personality, because flirting with other women would make his wife jealous. Some part of him just wants to relax, spit on everything, and flirt just for fun. But he realizes that this is no longer available to him, because he is married.

3. If he is not in a relationship, then it is not cheating.

Some men have problems with loyalty. They just think that if they were single, there would be no problem with that. Numerous novels would be just a part of their life, not a betrayal.

4. Family life was not what he imagined.

When a man marries at a young age, it seems to him that family life will be fun and pleasant next to the one he loves. However, in reality, everything turns into a real headache.

He often quarrels with his wife, both on serious issues and on trifles. In this case, on the one hand, he would very much like to become young and single again. Then he would not hurry with the creation of a family.

5. He could see his friends more often.

A married man especially often thinks about this when most of his friends are bachelors or meet someone temporarily. No one is bound by marriage as he is. Friends call him to rest, but it is difficult for him to leave his wife on Friday evening for the sake of gatherings with friends. If he were single again, he would have seen them much more often, and could have spent his weekends much more fun.

6. Single life was carefree

When a man is single, he cares only about himself and his expenses. When a man is married, he has to take care of everyone except himself. Many men miss the time when they had little responsibility and they made decisions on such trifles as, for example, what they had for dinner or when they went to bed.

7. He would have so many cool girls.

Many married men admit that if they were free now, they would have met with far more women than they had before the wedding. Again, they want to prove to themselves and the world that they are still attractive to women, and not that they are married with children.

8. This is what every man thinks.

Regardless of whether he is married or in a long-term relationship, every man deeply dreams of being single. At least some part of it. The paradox is that many men love to be family, but at the same time, they want to freely do what they want.