10 male warnings for women who will save the relationship

The differences between the lessons that men and women learn from their novels are not as different from each other as you can imagine. Believe it or not, your ex-man probably was looking for the reason for your separation as much as you did.

Women tend to feel more comfortable talking about the lessons they learned from the love that broke their hearts. So for men it is absolutely acceptable to talk about their emotions, as well as for women, but men do it much less often.

Here are 10 tips for women from men who give after their unsuccessful relationships.

1. Actions speak louder than words

Pay attention to what men do, not what they say. If someone wants to be with you, he will make you a priority and find time for you, but you should not settle for less.

2. Patience is key in a relationship.

We all sometimes have to suffer a little. For women, this applies to a greater degree, because many of the representatives of the beautiful sex completely forget about this important quality in relationships, demanding from the man “all at once”. It will not work.

3. An elegant way to say goodbye

Men come and go from our lives more often than we would like. Most of the time, you will not be ready for them to leave. But sometimes you yourself will show them the door. You need to say goodbye to all the people you do not need in the most worthy and elegant way possible.

4. Stop being your own worst enemy

Sometimes the problem lies in yourself, not in another person. Stop and think about what you feel. It's hard to explain, but sometimes you are your own worst enemy.

5. Be strong enough to be independent.

Defend your position and do not think that you can not survive without your half. If you cannot exist as a confident, full-fledged person, you need to work on it before you enter into a relationship.

6. Remember that your relationship is not your whole life.

Relationships should complement your life, and you should not depend on them in terms of happiness.

7. Keep in mind that cheating never ends well

8. Believe what men tell you about themselves

9. It takes time to find out who is who.

Nobody is perfect. Men also need time to fully open up to the woman.

10. If you are not happy - this is a problem.

Relationships should make you happy. Of course, you might like a man, but at the same time you can hate your relationships and let them go to chance. In this case, your chosen one, seeing your eternally dissatisfied state, after some time will begin to suffer and interfere with the relationship. Therefore, if you can not be happy in a relationship, better finish them.