5 nuances of a female character, which are transmitted from the mother

Mom is the main person in the life of a woman, and it is she who determines how feminine, happy she will be in a relationship. That is why in some women the ability to speak beautifully and move is laid almost from birth, while others have to learn all this. What are the main things we inherit from our mothers?

Attitude to yourself

Does she love herself or blame herself for all sorts of sins? Or was she the only one who spent all her childhood working for wear, hoping to provide you with a better future? In fact, the best that a woman can give her daughter is an understanding of how to treat yourself.


There are two types of women. Some pay very little attention to their appearance, while others tend to dress beautifully and care for themselves. And this also leaves an imprint on what her daughter will be and how she will treat herself.

Relationship to men

Father or other men who were in her life. Did she know how to flirt, make an impression on a man? Did she know how to make friends with them? This skill will certainly be passed on to her daughter.

Physical proximity

What does mother have to do with sex? Is a woman able to talk about him freely and tell something to her daughter or does sex consider something reprehensible? The attitude of the daughter depends on how the mother treated sex. What will it be: complexes or self-confidence?

The trust

And finally, exactly whether a mother is a friend for her daughter is decisive. According to statistics, women who have had a cool, distrustful relationship with their mother feel more constrained and unsure of themselves.