8 problems of beautiful women, which no one knows except them

Beauty is not only a terrible force and broken men's hearts, but also a heavy cross, which a woman should bear all her adult life. Few people know, but the beauties have a lot of problems that they prefer to keep quiet and not tell anyone.

1. Perception only in appearance

For most men, a beautiful woman is, above all, an object of desire. Few people look at their inner world and are interested in fine mental organization and intellectual development. Seductive appearance and visual appeal overlap everything else, so much so that men simply can not think about anything else.

2. Female envy

Another side of the coin: beautiful women, as a rule, have very few real friends. Not at all, because beauties too exalt themselves over others or behave too arrogantly, but because women are always inclined to envy beautiful friends, for fear that they may be a danger to their personal life.

3. Constant pestering

A lot of enthusiastic men's views, vulgar compliments and obscene sentences are usually turned into beauties for beauties. Anyone will get tired of such excessive attention sooner or later.

4. Gossip and discussion behind the back

Beautiful women are constantly surrounded by aura of gossip, gossip and discussion. They are credited with endless romances, treason and change partners. In addition, under the scrutiny is any change in appearance or image, causing heated debate and a lot of guesswork.

5. Difficulties at work

Practice shows that the more beautiful a woman is, the less serious are her colleagues and bosses. Many people have a stereotype that an attractive lady is a priori stupid, and she needs work only as a way to pass the time, make good contacts and hunt a pretty boss.

6. High demands of others

If a woman is good in appearance, then she must be successful in all areas of life - this is the opinion of most people. Therefore, exorbitant demands and expectations are made of beautiful women, considering that they are just super-women who can do anything.

7. Inaccessibility for men

Some men are simply afraid of beautiful women, believing that they have such high demands on their future elect that they simply cannot meet them. Remember the saying "Clever, beautiful and alone" ?. This is exactly the case.

8. Difficulties in relationships with men

The paradox, but precisely beautiful women most often wait for a fiasco in relationships with the opposite sex. Treason, betrayal, quarrels, deceptions, showdowns. The more beautiful the lady, the more often she breaks her heart and hurts. Why is this happening, the question is open and has not been studied. But the percentage of the fact that beauties are more unhappy in their personal life than the owners of average and ordinary appearance, is significantly higher.